Wet Room Or Traditional Bathroom

Trends in bathroom design are increasingly moving away from the traditional bathtub/shower fixture combo. The popularity of cubicles and wet rooms is rising, in part thanks to the reduced space available in much of modern housing. But also because more people realize that accessibility is a growing concern.

Opting for a wet room shower kit layout over a traditional shower has many advantages and wet room kits make them easy to install. However, there might be a few benefits that you haven’t considered. All of which you can read about in this article.

What Exactly Is a Wet room?
Many people are aware of wet rooms already, but their popularity is limited in some circles. Wet rooms are an alternative to a traditional bathroom that essentially merges the bathtub area with the rest of the room. In effect, the entire bathroom can get wet without a problem and there’s often no physical separation between the shower and the bathroom. Some people still opt for a screen to prevent splashing but if the entire room is tanked, it’s not required.

What’s So Great About Wet rooms?
Wet rooms provide several advantages, but perhaps the most appealing is that they make better use of the space in a bathroom.

Space Saving
A wet room shower kit is ideal for smaller bathrooms. Baths are great, but they’re not tailored to a specific space and can result in poor use of bathroom space. A big shower enclosure is also unnecessary, which gives you even more room in the already cramped area. By keeping everything functional, you can make the most economical and efficient use of a bathroom.

Easy to Install
Wet rooms provide a huge amount of flexibility in the bathroom layout and often require only minimal installation. A wet room shower kit, such as these from Wetrooms Design, allows you to perform a DIY installation and has many standard sizes to fit any design. The minimalist approach gives access to many more design options that wouldn’t be otherwise available.

Better Accessibility
Even though many people who choose wet rooms aren’t too concerned about accessibility, it’s an important benefit for others. Wet room kits give access to a more customized bathroom layout for elderly or disabled users. Since there’s no bathtub or shower tray, accessing the shower space is much easier and more straightforward.

The Better Bathroom Option
Whether you’re looking for more accessibility, more efficient use of space, or to avoid the complicated installation process of a bathtub, a wet room is the solution for you. With a wet room kit that you can install yourself, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of a wet room in no time.

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