Time for the second part of our renovation tips. This time, instead of an action plan, a few simple details that are worth ensuring so your renovation can go smoothly.


Always check with your City Council if works that you are planning to do need their approval first. Normally minor interior renovations like kitchen or bathroom replacement do not require approval. But with significant changes to the exterior of your house some paperwork may be neccessary.

Additionally it is worth notifying your neighbours about renovation works, especially if you live in a block of flats. Thanks to this they will be in some way prepared for the shock of the first jackhammer blows. However, do not fool yourself that after a month of continuous noise and dust you will avoid their irritated looks when passing by. If your renovation will drag out and you are in close contact with your neighbours, it is worth thinking about a small gesture to ease the hardships of the living next to the "eternal" renovation. A piece of good home-made cake works best, but you can go the easy way and buy their favourite beverage.


Even if you have hired a contractor on someone's recommendation, it is still worth checking the work progress from time to time. Remember that your idea of ​​the final result may be slightly different than the person conducting the work, although you seem to agree. Each person also has a different tolerance for the precision of the works performed. Some will not even notice a couple millimeters difference but will give sleepless nights for others. It is very important to be moderate in your control. Too frequent visits and constant attention can be counterproductive. A good indicator of the quality of a contractor at the beginning of cooperation is the way they protect unrenovated rooms or equipment against damage and dirt. If the team cares about it enough, you can be calm about your property.


Despite careful preparation and good workers, unfortunately, mishaps can occur during renovations. Damage to water, heating or electrical installations hidden in the walls and floors is unfortunately a fairly common problem. It usually does not cause serious damage and faults can be quickly removed. However, if a flooding or for ex. fire happens, it is worth having additional protection in the form of repair insurance. Such an insurance policy can be purchased by both the investor and the company carrying out the work. However, before paying, it is worth reading the terms and conditions and familiarizing yourself with all restrictions that may later hinder the payment of any compensation.


When planning a new room, especially without budget restrictions, it's easy to get carried away by your imagination. However, it is the minimalist style and universal solutions that works best in interior design and remain attractive much longer. That is why it is worth refraining from too sophisticated interior designers and fancy equipment. It should be remembered that such fanciful solutions are more difficult and more expensive to install, and later also to maintain.

If you think that your renovation is extremely difficult, long and problematic, you probably just exaggerate. It can always be worse. Everyone has to go through it at least once. Good luck!

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