While decorating the bathroom, we are confronted with the problem of choosing a design style for it. There are many possibilities and inspirations, but we must remember not only about the appearance, but also about the functionality and fitting the looks of bathroom to the other rooms.


This style is dominated by basic colors of the walls. Mainly white or black tiles, possibly marbles and sandstones. Additives are mainly stainless steel and glass. In this type of bathroom most often we will find walk-in shower trays creating a wetroom, which emphasize the modernity of the room. Other characteristic features are, for example, large mirrors, bright white LED light and many straight angles. The most popular equipment is square and massive. Modern bathrooms are also characterized by spaciousness and lack of unnecessary additions. The only contrasting elements are e.g. colorful towels, a green plant or a colorful painting on the wall.


It is a part of a modern style, although it can also be adapted to other styles of decor. In this case, there are no contrasting elements. Everything is kept in the same tone, mostly white and black. Similar to modern style, all possible everyday accessories are hidden. Also spatial and bright decor.


The main feature of this type of decor is its functionality. Most of the bathroom accessories of are not hidden, they create a cozy interior for everyday use. The color scheme is basically any, but the pastel colors dominate with the predominance of sand shades. A characteristic element of the decor is furniture made of varnished or polished wood. Bright yellow light dominates.


A more bold style is the decor in an industrial atmosphere. One of the characteristics is its contrast. Compilation of white and black, subway-style tiles and copper accessories. In this design, details such as industrial shades, shelves, hangers or taps play a crucial role. An important element is also the antiqued wood, e.g. a countertop under the washbasin. The lighting is dim, yellow, incandescent. Everything gives the effect of being on board of a submarine.


A choice for the most courageous and those who like colors. Bright, vivid colors dominate, such as green, blue, red. This is the most patterned style with lots of exotic accessories. The most commonly used materials are stone, bamboo and other exotic varieties of wood. Also, green plants are a must have.

In most cases, the differences between individual styles are minor. Sometimes you only need to add a few small touches and we can completely change the reception of the interior.

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