6 Accessories For Wet Rooms That Makes Life Easier

We mentioned more than once how many people choose a shower for their bathroom. In turn if we think about the shower, what kind of? The latest trends indicate the greatest interest in a walk-in type shower tray. We are also behind them because they have many advantages that are important to us. We want to tell you what to add to the wet room, so that the use is even more enjoyable and easier.

We checked what we usually need in the shower while bathing or taking care of cleanliness. We know what can come in handy and we want to share it with you. Below you will find 6 accessories for bathroom that will make daily activities require less effort.


A sheet of glass that separates the bathroom from the shower area. The glass is attached to the wall by means of clamps or profiles enabling leveling of all its curvatures, they can be mounted on a flat tray as well as directly in the floor. The bathroom looks so elegant and spacious.


Having such a surface of glass for cleaning, this item will be a salvation for you. It is an irreplaceable gadget for those who value time and accuracy. Thanks to it, you will clean the glass quickly and without unnecessary effort. You can buy it with handle attached to the wall so that it is always at hand. Product must-have.


If you need to bend down to the feet every time to reach for a shower gel, soap or shampoo, we recommend that you review suppliers of shower shelves. They are easily available, in many colours, patterns and materials from which they are produced. Your spine will be grateful and your bath will be more relaxing.


A handle that helps maintain balance, increasing the mobility of the elderly and the disabled. The walk-in shower itself is a perfect solution for people with reduced mobility, and a grab bar will provide them with additional protection against loss of balance, which will also translate into comfort of use. They are available in specialist stores, in many shapes and colours. They are corrosion-resistant products made of stainless steel. Very useful also for children and adults.


If you do not like when cleaning absorbs all of your energy, let us change it. We recommend finding a cleaning brush in a shape and colour that suits you best, with a size suitable for a drain your bathroom, because different sizes and shapes are available. It is best to choose the medium hardness or soft, so as not to damage the drain surface and to get easier to dirt.


A perfect heat. Installed between the shower tray and the layer of tiles or other finishing material. Very useful in the shower due to moisture and contact with a water in this part of the bathroom. Underfloor heating in the shower zone will ensure you that no fungi or mold develops in it. We choose Magnum mats and foils, which can be found in our wetroomsdesign.co.uk shop. The hosts will enjoy the comfort of a warm floor on cold days.

This is the list of the most useful bathroom aids that can make your life easier.

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