The bathroom is not a place where we spend a whole lot of time. However, we use it many times a day, everyday. That is why it is very important to decorate the bathroom nicely and make it functional and pleasing to the eye a the same time. Today we will focus on the choices of washbasins that are currently easily available on the market. The multitude of shapes and materials they are made of can make you dizzy. Below is a small overview.


Currently, we do not have to limit ourselves to the traditional semi-circular shape. Designers and manufacturers to meet the needs of customers release to the market bathroom sinks in increasingly interesting shapes, which are slowly becoming the standard.

Round and oval basins will be the closest to the traditional shape. In many cases, this is a great solution to match most decors. However, it is worth considering that for such washbowls we will need a countertop or cabinet because they are usually not mounted to the wall. It is the most cleaning-friendly shape of them all.

Slightly more modern interiors should be equipped with square and rectangular washbasins, which have gained much popularity in recent years. Some models have sharp enough edges that cleaning can be a bit more troublesome. However, thanks to the simple shapes, it is easy to fit the washbasin in tight spaces so as to maximize the usage of available space.

In addition to traditional geometric shapes, you can find very designer washbasins in completely crazy shapes such as tear shape, waves, water drop, cylinder, etc. These are solutions suitable only for the brave ones and knowing what they are doing or for bathrooms of original clubs and restaurants.

It is worth paying attention not only to he size but also the depth of the washbasin. This is often a critical property that determines the functionality of the bathroom sink. If you do not want to deprive the possibility of pouring more water to the plugged washbasin and do not like splashing water around it will be worth choosing a deeper one.

The most interesting novelty that appeared quite recently are flat one way fall washbasins with a linear drain, which imitate a walk-in wetroom shower. It is an interesting, minimalistic solution more and more often used in modern interiors.


In addition to the shape, we can choose the material from which the washbasin is made. It is no less important factor influencing long-term use. In this case material has the greatest impact on the price of final product. And there is also plenty to choose from.

Stone bathroom sinks are more and more popular. It is not a cheap solution and will usually only be available in round or oval shapes. In addition, they are very heavy so they need a solid foundation to be mounted on. They are best suited to rustic interiors. Similar looking conglomerate washbasins will be slightly cheaper, easier to get in various shapes and a lighter solution. It is a material that connects crushed stone with polyester resin. In the event of damage, it will also be easier to repair.

If you are a fan of raw, industrial style, you can opt for a stainless steel washbasin. It has long been associated with the kitchen, gastronomy and other industries, now also available in more decorative shapes for house decor. Another metal solution may be a copper washbasin. But, it is also a pretty expensive solution and requires special cleaning agents and methods. You must also remember that copper tarnish very quickly and if you want your washbowl to shine with a beautiful copper color, you will have to pay a lot of attention to it.

Wooden sinks are an eco hit of recent years. Round, countertop or integrated with the countertop will be a very strong accent in any bathroom. However, it should be remembered that this is the least durable solution that requires careful use and cleaning.

Glass may be an interesting alternative to standard well known ceramics. We are no more stuck with ordinary transparent glass. There is a large selection of coloured and decorated glass in a variety of interesting shapes. Glass is easy to clean and should not be a very expensive option.

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