Intelligent Solutions For Hotel Bathrooms

Hotel bathrooms are increasingly becoming a room that affects the character of the entire interior. Customers visiting hotels focus their attention not only on the rooms themselves, but also on the bathrooms. Neat, bright and modern bathrooms are most desirable. Hotel guests value comfort and cleanliness, which is why it is important to introduce new technologies and functional solutions to them so that the use is the most simple and pleasant.

Hotel walk-in shower wet room

The most ergonomic and hygienic solution that hotel customers love. They arouse huge interest. Especially in bathrooms designed in an interesting way.

Tiled shower trays are the latest douche solution that is simple and quick to clean and fits well in small bathrooms due to the lack of an overwhelming cabin. The shower enclosures for the hotel allows you to visually enlarge the interior. In addition, the shower screen is mounted on the edge of the shower plate. It aims to protect the rest of the bathroom from splashing water outside the shower area. The simplest solution is to use one-sided glass without a door. Thanks to this, cleaning will be a really quick activity, before next hotel guests. Shower tray tiles should be non-slip. The best will be large-format or planned creative mosaic composition. The mosaic will not show any specially prepared slopes that are responsible for the flow of water directly to the drain. Non-slip mats are also used to completely reduce the risk of slipping.

The walk-in shower wet room is an intelligent solution that is less prone to malfunctions and damage. Modern cabins are an element of the hotel bathroom equipment in every style.

Foam soap 

By far the most modern form of soap. Kaizen implemented for liquid soap. In recent years, a very popular hand cleaner. We meet them more and more often in public places.

Washing your hands with foam soap is much easier than with liquid soap. In principle, it can be said that liquid soap has evolved, because we no longer have to make foam by hand from the liquid, we get ready. Foam forms after the soap passes through the aeration system, so the cleaning agent is not watered down in any way, and therefore does not lose quality. Its main advantages are much greater efficiency and water saving as well as convenience during use.

Non-contact dispensers 

The most hygienic solution for the bathroom. Their users value them for their convenience and ease of use. They eliminate bacterial transmission thanks to the non-contact method of collecting the cartridge. They can be found in many shapes and sizes, tastefully matching the entire interior.

Hotel bathrooms are a place where guests want to feel free and relaxing. The functionality of the entire room plays an important role, which is why it is so important to implement the latest technologies to facilitate favorable access to and access to important and useful accessories, while raising the standard of hotels.


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