How To Clean Ceramic Tiles In A Wet Room

The tiles that we are so happy to cover the kitchen and bathroom floors (e.g. walk in shower flooring) with are exposed to hard water and soap, stone, mold, grease and various contaminants, and returning them to their original look can be a real challenge. Some people cannot imagine doing this task without resorting to expensive cleaning products. Can you make this task easier somehow? How can you clean ceramic tiles and restore them to their original glow?

A clean and aesthetically-pleasing wet room

Ceramic tiles affect the overall look of the entire room they have been installed in. They are extremely popular because they are relatively easy to clean, if we wash them regularly. To care for them properly and keep them looking nice, we do not need expensive chemicals – the home methods used by our grandmothers may prove equally effective. Let's start from the beginning. It is very important to choose the proper way of cleaning and caring for a certain type of tiles. Therefore, we should pay attention to the technology of their production and texture. In the case of glazed tiles there is no problem keeping them clean, because water and many widely available detergents are enough. In the case of such tiles there is also no need for waxing, oiling or polishing. Polished tiles need to be strengthened with special substances. When buying specialized chemicals, it is best to consult the manufacturer's recommendations on the packaging or ask the store staff to advise you.

The use of detergents can be expensive

Before cleaning the tiles, prepare them appropriately. The first step is to wipe the dust off their surface, which can be done with a damp cloth or soft brush. Next, something bigger. There is no shortage of specialist cleaning and care products for ceramic tiles or more universal solutions. When selecting them, follow the specifications on the package. Some detergents have a very strong effect, which can cause a loss of color or the appearance of scratches. As you can see, choosing the most powerful chemicals may not be cost effective at all. A specialized paste is recommended for bathroom tile remodeling, which will reduce the formation of unattractive soap and stone deposits. In turn, to remove thicker dirt, you can try degreasing agents, which should be thoroughly rinsed from the surface of the tiles afterward.

Cleaning tiles in the wet room? Naturally!

In addition to specialist cleaning agents for ceramic tiles, we can also go for home care products. Getting rid of dirt and pollutants will make it easier for us to get hot water, and gray soap will successfully replace polishes and restore the glow. It is also a great idea to use a baking soda-based cleaner. It can be made into a paste that is applied for a few minutes, then rubbed with a wet cloth, then rinsed off with lukewarm water. Soda can also be used as an additive to soapy water, which will quickly get rid of dirt. For dealing with small amounts of dirt and inattractive streaks, it is recommended to use vinegar.

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