How To Clean A Bathroom Efficiently Without Much Effort

If cleaning the bathroom is associated only with hard work without effect of shine, we have a way!

We tested cleaning the bathroom using tools that can be found in virtually any home. See how efficiently they can help keep clean the problematic places in the bathroom.

Detergents available in stores can cope with strong dirt, however, the remains of them are harmful to our health. To ensure the cleanliness of the bathroom we focus on fast and effective ways using natural ingredients. The aids we have used are ecological, and at the same time cheap, easily available and undoubtedly effective.

The shower is part of the bathroom in which is very difficult to keep clean. Water and soap flowing on the walls and shower screens settle leaving visible stains that not only look awful, but also difficult to get rid of them. In addition, there are many hard to reach places, crevices and angles that are difficult to clean.


Prepare a solution of water and vinegar in 1:1 proportions. Apply the mixture to dirty tiles, connect walls, shower screens and all hard-to-reach places in the shower. Leave the solution for 20 minutes, then wipe any dirt with a cloth and rinse with water. Now you just need to wipe the surface with a dry cloth.

Because of it, the glass surfaces will retain their shine much longer and will not often require cleaning.


The view of dirty grouts has a deterrent effect on us and spoils the image of the entire bathroom. With the bacteria and dirt accumulated between the plates, vinegar as well as baking soda will help you.

Using soda, we can get rid of scale step by step. The dirtiest places should be covered with a thin layer of soda shredded with water and lemon juice, leave for several minutes, then proceed as above. Wipe all dirt with a cloth, rinse with water and dry clean the surface.

Soda can also be combined with hydrogen peroxide – both products work perfectly in the fight against fungi and mold. To strengthen the mixture, add tea tree oil to the solution.

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