Having a countertop around the sink is undoubtedly a very functional solution. Even in a small bathroom sometimes it is better to choose washbasin with countertop instead of wall mounted one. We gain a very handy space for frequently used cosmetics or bathroom accessories. It is worth considering choosing of the latest trend, which is architectural concrete countertop. It has a number of features that are useful when arranging a bathroom.


You do not need to convince anyone about the strength of the concrete. Countertops made of architectural concrete are, of course, additionally reinforced with steel rods as it is done with all poles, screeds, stairs or ceilings. Such combination has a great resistance to any mechanical damage or cracking. Even if the surface or the edge of the worktop gets damaged, it is very easy to mask. In addition, one of the most important features of concrete is its resistance to moisture. By adding the appropriate impregnation of the usable surface (for better dirt protection) we get almost perfect solution for bathroom.


Architects love concrete for its raw looks and ease of matching it to other elements of the decor. Its specific gray color and texture match perfectly classic wood and, for example, pure white tiles. It works seamlessly with stainless steel and glass, as well as with small colorful elements of the decor. In addition, architectural concrete can be colored so everyone will find something for themselves. If we like more extravagant solutions, we can sink colorful stones or broken porcelain into concrete.


If we have the conditions and willingness to do so, we can make such a counter ourselves. However, there is more and more companies offering such services, prices for simple projects are reasonable and we will have a guarantee of professional work. However, if we need something non-standard, then there is no limits. We can order a counter of almost any shape. We can choose countertop with an integrated washbasin or use your own ceramic basin mounted under or on top of it. In addition, with the integrated washbasin, its shape can be completely custom. We can then choose the shape and position of the outflow. Even a linear drain in the wash basin will not be a major problem. You can have two, three or even more compartment sink. Thanks to this incredible flexibility and durability, such countertops are increasingly used in public spaces as well.


Architectural concrete can be used with many others elements of the bathroom decor. Cement boards can cover both the floor and walls to create, for example, a modern walk-in shower. Accessories such as soap dish or a towel rack can also be made from concrete.

Concrete countertop solution will almost always be a good choice for our bathroom. Thanks to the rawness and minimalism of concrete, we do not have to fear that it will quickly become outdated as it can be in the case of colorful tiles or painted wood.

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