How To Choose The Best Drain For Your Shower

If you have already planned to arrange your new shower in a modern style, without a threshold and with a stylish shower screen that optically enlarges the bathroom space, you are probably looking for the right drain for your wet room. Manufacturers offer several types of shower drains, which can make us hesitate when choosing. How to know what will be the best drainage?

Linear shower drain or a point drain?

The choice of shape is primarily a matter of individual aesthetic tastes. In addition to the above, there is also a price that affects the difference between one drainage and the other.


Both shower drains also have a lot in common

The total height for both drains is almost identical. Water flow efficiency for both drains is similar. Both types of shower drains have in their construction a steel collar that additionally protects against water getting under the floor. A sealing cuff is attached to each set. There are 6 grid designs in three surface finishes. The set includes a lifting key that makes it easy to remove the cover from the channel for cleaning. To simplify the installation, we add legs to adjust the height of the drain and level it. An efficient siphon with a flow rate of 26 l / min or 52 l / min is also required for installation, which you will also find in the set. One item, equipped with all necessary parts, ready for assembly, without having to search for individual parts in other stores. You can find the full list of products HERE.


Is it worth buying a shower drain?

Making a wet room is a higher cost than standard solutions such as shower cabins and requires proper planning of work before finishing the floor. An innovative solution for the bathroom has its advantages, which can not be replaced by anything else. The shower drain is a minimalist and aesthetic solution for the shower area. It allows us to arrange the bathing space according to our preferences. Various drainage finishing styles and shapes are available. Keeping your shower clean has never been easier. They require little effort during cleaning. Drains are the safest solution, thanks to the floor that is installed flush with the bathroom floor. No risk of tripping when entering or leaving.

In our opinion, it is worth choosing a shower drain, because it is the best solution for many reasons. Assess which of these factors are important to you, which will help you choose between a wet room and traditional cabins.

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