So, you want your floor to be heated but you don’t want tiles in your living room? Moreover, you can’t rise your floor level or don’t want to redo the screeds or plywood? There is a solution and it’s called an underfloor heating foil. And we can sell it to you.


Heating foil is a modern solution constantly gaining popularity. It is often used where standard mesh mats with heating cables can’t be used. The base consists of a thin but durable and flexible foil, on which graphite strips were printed and finished with copper connection strips. Graphite strips resist the electric current, so they heat up and give off heat to your floor. Thanks to used materials and technology the foil is extra thin (less than 0.5 mm) but can heat entire rooms easily and it can last for years. Various types of heating foils are used not only for underfloor heating but also for countertops, mirrors, terrariums and seats. Thanks to the modular structure, it is possible to cut foil on your own, usually every 20 cm. It gives the possibility of fine adjustment to the size of your room. The heating foil is easy to install and depending on the power and needs, it can be an additional or main source of heating. We offer the Wiper Sunfloor mat with an optimal power of 120W / m2. It is available in full sets with wiring, a vapour barrier foil, special foam underlays and a thermostat, as well as separately.


The heating foil can be used wherever it is difficult or impossible to use heating mats. It works best under laminate flooring.

It does not require deepening the floor or covering the heating system with concrete or glue.

One of the biggest advantages is the minimal thickness of the heating foil. Together with the vapour barrier film, the heating system is only a few sheets of paper thick. If you add the foam underlays for panels dedicated to underfloor heating, the whole thickness will not exceed 6.5 mm.

Thanks to the appropriate thickness of the hards foam underlays, all the wiring and necessary connections can be easily hidden without the need to cut grooves in the floor.

The heating foil heats up to about 35 ° C, which allows the floor to warm up to a pleasant temperature without damaging it.

Due to the high density of the heating strips, the floor is heated even more evenly than in the case of cable heating mats.


As with any electric heating system, the installation must be carried out by a qualified electrician. Installation may seem easy, but due to the voltage, the installation must be carried out and approved by a professional who is aware of all the risks associated with working with such voltage and knows the rules for creating electrical connections and assembling electrical devices.

The heating foil is not fully universal and has been designed for dry installation, which means that embedding it in the screed is not recommended. In such cases, opt for Wiper Sunfloor heating mats.


The growing interest in underfloor heating solutions has resulted in a significant increase in the number of different products available on the market in recent years. It is often difficult for many buyers to choose the right product. Various sizes, thermostats, heating power levels and installation accessories can give you a headache. When choosing products that are going to be installed on the floor, powered by electricity and responsible for maintaining your thermal comfort, they should not be chosen only because of the low price. The cheapest products may turn out to be the worst choice.

That is why we have chosen the optimal power and size of the heating foil and created ready-made kits with all the accessories needed to install the underfloor heating foil under laminate flooring. That is why we invite you to get your heating foil at wetroomdesign.co.uk/heating-foil.

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