Each underfloor heating system consists of at least two elements. A heating element (for example, a mat with a resistance cable) and a control element, i.e. a thermostat. The controller is an essential element of any heating system that supplies power, protects the system and, of course, allows you to regulate the room temperature. There are many models of thermostats available on the market. What to consider when choosing one for your home? Is a simple manual controller enough?Magnum Standard Control Front

We can assume a basic division among all thermostats into intelligent and manual devices. A smart thermostat such as the C16 WiFi model we offer, gives you great configuration options, remote control and many other useful functions. However, are all of these options always necessary? Of course not. There are several arguments in favour of a basic, manual thermostat, such as the Magnum S-Control.


The main advantage of the manual temperature controller is the ease of use. The device has only one visible button (on / off switch) and a temperature knob. Additionally, above the knob, there is a two-colour LED indicating heating or standby mode. Thanks to this, everyone can handle the basic operation of the entire heating system without going deeper into the instructions or the help of other people. This is especially important, for example, when used by the elderly, children or simply busy household members. After installing the thermostat and selecting the appropriate mode for a given room and users' requirements, it does not require additional maintenance. All temperature adjustments are made automatically by sensors. Only when you leave the house for a longer time, you can lower the temperature to save energy. The thermostat itself will always try to maintain a comfortable temperature you set. Therefore, unlike classic heating radiators, the temperature knob does not need to be constantly adjusted.Thermostat Set


Despite the lack of a display, WiFi function and other features, the manual thermostat keeps full functionality for convenient underfloor heating usage. Thanks to the use of two temperature sensors (built-in air and floor sensors), it is possible to precisely control the temperature in several modes. After removing the housing, you can easily change the mode in which the thermostat works. Depending on the situation, the device can use only the air sensor, both sensors or work in interval mode. Additionally, for safety, you can set a temperature limit to which the floor can be heated. This is a very useful feature when underfloor heating is used, for example, under wooden floors.


The manufacturer of the thermostat also took care of the appropriate appearance of the device and additional accessories. In the box, in addition to the standard square housing, you can also find an accessory oval one and an additional knob marked with steps from 1 to 10, which is dedicated to the interval heating mode of the thermostat.

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