Caring For Your Wetroom Drain

A wetroom is a great investment for your home and should be looked after, not just on the surface, but you also need to care for the drains. Drains can get easily clogged and blocked. You can tell if there’s a blockage when the water is draining too slowly or you find it very difficult to get your toilet to flush properly. You may also find an unpleasant smell coming from the drains. But when it comes to maintaining your drainage systems, caring for your wetroom in an environmentally friendly way is important.

Where does the water go?

When you flush your toilet the water goes down the drains and into the sewers. From there it ends up at the treatment centres where it is cleaned and then put back into the streams and rivers. Being environmentally conscious of what you put down your drains will prevent further pollution of local rivers. In The Thames there have been problems with the sewers being blocked with things that shouldn’t have been put down the drain. A 10 tonne “fatberg” cost £400,000 to remove from sewers.

Look after your wetroom drains

Grease, oils and fats can solidify in the drains and cause clogging. If you are using bath oils or similar products, make sure that you use them incredibly sparingly. Suncreams and lotions also contain oils that shouldn’t be put down drains. If you have lotions and creams that you want to get rid of, then put them in a container and put them in the bin.

Hair is also one of the main culprits for blocking drains. Putting a simple drain filter over the plugholes in your wetroom can prevent hair from clogging up the drains and sewers. Don’t put hair into the toilet either.

Environmentally friendly cleaning products

Drain cleaning can be notoriously caustic. It may clear your blocked pipes, but it can also cause damage to them - not what you want if you have installed a new wetroom into your home. Using a plunger should be your first port of call as it doesn’t involve putting an man-made chemicals into the sewer system. Failing that baking soda is excellent for cleaning drains, it is natural, chemical-free and effective. A few cups of baking soda mixed with hot water will give your drains a good clean and you won’t be left with a bleach or chemical smell. Adding vinegar too will also help keep your drains clean.

Looking after the environment is important, and London’s water system is fragile. Be part of the solution to having a clear water system for the future.

In depth guide for unclogging the drain

You will find additional information of how to keep waste pipes in good condition and how to unclog them, including homemade recipe on Tipbulletin's article.

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