A Perfect Wet Room For Many Years

Hygiene and the good condition of bathroom furniture and accessories is the condition of the comfortable use of wet room. As early as the stage of designing and decorating the bathroom, take into account the specificity of this part of the house. Thanks to this, it will be possible to keep it in pristine condition for many years. What elements have to be taken into account when renovating and arranging the room to enjoy it over the years?

The right choice of wet room equipment

One of the key points is the selection and professional assembly of sanitary equipment. The first step to keeping your bathroom in good condition is the selection of modern appliances, such as a suspended toilet, a bidet or a wash basin. Such installations can be hidden in the wall. This reduces the number of protruding parts that are difficult to keep clean. It is also the best solution in terms of aesthetics. This choice will significantly shorten and facilitate the process of daily and thorough cleaning of the bathroom. It is also important to choose solid devices from recognized manufacturers, and they should have the longest possible warranty and nation-wide service. Choosing cheaper, poor quality equipment could result in expensive repairs after a short time. The bathroom is a critical point in the furnishing of an apartment where there can be no room for compromise.

A professional finish

On the market today there is a huge variety of types of finishes such as glaze, terracotta, gres, stone or resin to choose from. Although glossy floor tiles with a perfectly smooth, almost mirror texture look great (if they are thoroughly cleaned), it is worth noting that with everyday use it will be difficult to maintain their perfect condition. It is much easier to clean up slightly structured gres, where you can not see every drop of water or hair or other ordinary dirt, which is common with daily hygienic procedures. It is also a good idea to choose moisture- and scrub-resistant paint to paint the bathroom.

Accessories and wet room kits

A common problem with the bathroom is a steamy mirror. This can be avoided by attaching a special heating mat beneath it, and this will greatly facilitate the maintenance of the bathroom. The next tip is to install the faucets, which stand out above the surface of the sanitary ware. This guarantees perfect cleaning and polishing, not only during general cleaning but also on a daily basis. On the other hand, when selecting a decorative radiator, it is worth thinking about whether its construction will allow for its proper cleaning, even on the upper surfaces to which access is often difficult.

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