Wet Room Kit: Tileable Shower Tray, Including Waste Trap And Drain Cover
Technical Diagram Of Showerlay Wiper 900 X 1200 Mm Line Premium
Shown With Waterproofing Kit
Back Side Of The Tray, Showing The Waste Connection Outlet
Close Up On The Carefully Finished Edge Of The Frame And Cover
Another Look On The Frame And Drain Cover
3 Standard Thicknesses Available - Thicker Tray Means Better Slope And Insulation
Included Waste Trap McAlpine HC26 - 50, 26 L Min Of Flow Rate
Waste Trap Split Into Parts
Example Of Finished Wet Room With The Tray Available Here - Screen Parallel To The Wall
Example Of Finished Wet Room With The Tray Available Here - Classic Corner Installation
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Wet Room Kit: Tileable Shower Tray, Including Waste Trap And Drain Cover
Technical Diagram of Showerlay Wiper 900 x 1200 mm Line Premium
Shown with Waterproofing Kit
Back side of the tray, showing the waste connection outlet
Close up on the carefully finished edge of the frame and cover
Another look on the frame and drain cover
3 Standard Thicknesses Available - thicker tray means better slope and insulation
Included Waste Trap McAlpine HC26-50, 26 l/min of flow rate
Waste Trap split into parts
Example of finished Wet Room with the tray available here - screen parallel to the wall
Example of finished Wet Room with the tray available here - classic corner installation

Showerlay Wiper 900 x 1200 mm Line Ponente

Wet room tray 90 x 120 cm for tiled floor with integrated stainless steel linear end drain, waste trap and cover model Ponente

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See parts included Technical specification Bespoke Wet Room Trays

Wet room Kit Showerlay Wiper 900 x 1200 mm Line Ponente is a walk in shower tray with end linear drain. Former is available in three thicknesses, has 2% fall towards the drain, provides great acoustic insulation and is also lightweight while very strong.

Suitable shower drainage is included to former, it comes with 600 mm long steel linear end drain. It also comes with grating which is 64 mm wide, leaving 8 mm wide channel for water to flow. Ponente grating is a plain bar of brushed steel cover with no holes, only channels aside. Height from the shower tray surface to the top edge of vertical upstand is 15 mm, it also goes below the tray for approximately 5 mm. McAlpine siphon trap with capacity of 26 l/min and 20 mm high water seal is also included. Showerlay is complete unit with everything you need.

Shower kit 900 x 1200 mm is designed to give you wet room tray for timber floor level access, it is easy to cut down to size, whilst being lightweight and highly manoeuvrable. Contemporary, minimalist style of wet room will allow your body rest and mind to rejuvenate.

Tray size

Showerlay is a wet room tray available in 14 standard sizes. The drain is located parallel to the shorter edge. A larger tray offers more space for greater comfort. Your tray size should be chosen to match room and enclosure size. Our trays can be trimmed down to size or to avoid obstacles.

Drain Cover
  • Ponente

There are 7 drain cover patterns available. The flow rate is the same for all of them. They are interchangeable and can be swapped even after installation. Each drain sent out is equipped with a lifting hook which makes cleaning easy.


Thickness of the board on the edges. It has 2% gradient on the entire upper surface and is shallower near the drain. The benefit of thicker tray is steeper slope, although even the shallowest trays have sufficient slope for water to flow towards the drain, no matter where it drops.

Waterproofing kit

Waterproofing kit is used to seal shower tray as well as connections between walls and floor. It is recommended for concrete and mandatory for timber flooring. Each kit contains 4kg tanking liquid, 1l primer, 10m sealing tape, 2 corners, 2 pipe collars. One kit covers 3 m² with 2 coats. Waterproofing Kit

Underfloor heating kit

Complete Sunfloor Underfloor heating set, including mat, Wi-Fi thermostat, floor sensor and fitting instructions. Fully suitable with our other products. Advanced thermostat with and iOS/Android app allows to set desired temperature of the floor from distance as well as create schedules.
Complete Sunfloor Underfloor Heating Set

Tile Backer boards

Tile backer boards are used to create the perfect substrate to tile onto in wet rooms and bathrooms. Superior to cement boards and plywood, due to its waterproof and thermal insulation properties. Tile Backer Boards

Shower screen

The Wiper Verre Shower Screen is one of Wiper's new shower enclosures. It is available in multiple standard sizes making it fit in small and large wet rooms. Black and silver options make it looks minimalistic and modern. Perfect choice for any wet room upgrade. Made of 8 mm toughened clear glass with Active Shield coating, 2000 mm high. Included fittings are made of stainless steel. The Verre Shower Screen From Wiper

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    • Dimensions as described on equivalent technical drawings,
    • If needed, the tray can be easily shortened in its length or width, using a handsaw,
    • Make sure you cut it for equal distances from both sides to preserve pre-made fall to the drain,
    • Drain channel is located centrally, across the shorter edge.
    • Designed especially for range of Wiper Premium drains,
    • Drain is built into the tray during the manufacturing process,
    • Our showerlay is a 20/28/35 mm XPS foam sheet covered on both sides with a flexible cementous glue and reinforced with a fibre glass mesh,
    • The showerlay is CNC machine cut to give a perfect pre-formed fall from each corner to the drain,
    • It is lightweight but very strong,
    • Perfect solution for British wooden floors but can also be used on concrete floors. When it is used on wooden floors,the floor must be underboarded after floor boards have been removed,
    • Standard and minimal underboarding should be 20 mm thick,
    • Ideal for tiled floors. Because of the high compressive strength of the XPS foam, it can even be used with small mosaic tiles. This is not suitable for vinyl floor coverings,
    • The shower lay can be easily cut on site should you have any obstacles such as pipe boxings,
    • Easy to use with under floor heating systems (should be installed on top of the shower tray)
    • One hundred per cent, double waterproofing,
    • Hardness of the surface layer allows to cement even very small mosaics,
    • High acoustic and thermal insulation,
    • After installation, the plates should be supported beneath entire surface.
Product is suitable for:
Timber floor Concrete floor Tiles Mosaic

Wet Room Kit Advantages