Simple Tips to Help Keep Your Wet Room Clean

Whether it’s due to better accessibility, preferring showering over bathing, or simply the sleek design, many of us are choosing to forgo the traditional bathroom for wet room installation. In fact, the demand for wet rooms is growing fast with over 5% of UK homes having at least one installed, reports AMA Research. But what about keeping them clean? You’ll be pleased to know cleaning your wet room is simple. Commit yourself to doing a little bit each day to prevent mould and grime buildup, and you’ll effortlessly maintain a good standard of cleanliness.


Ventilation is important for a hygienic wet room. Mould and mildew thrive in moist, damp areas, which can in turn lead to skin and respiratory problems. So, an adequate ventilation system is key. Keep windows open for about fifteen minutes after showering to let fresh air circulate the room. Always switch on your extractor fan before showering. Don’t have one? Portable air conditioners or dehumidifiers make effective alternatives.

Clean as you go

Stay on top of the overall cleanliness of your wet room by doing a little bit everyday, in addition to a thorough clean once a week.

Hang towels up to dry. Lingering soap residue or stains can be easily removed with a sponge and warm water. Use glass cleaner to remove water marks from glass surfaces.

Get rid of any moisture after you shower. Wipe down the walls with a dry cloth. Mop the floor with a dry microfibre mop and push the water toward the drain.

When cleaning the floor, use a mop, bucket of warm water, and a bathroom cleaner according to the instructions.

Remain vigilant

Tackle problems before they have the chance to progress into something worse. If you notice a leak in the plumbing, contact your plumber immediately. Adequate ventilation keeps the ceiling clear of mould, but if it does appear, take action to keep the ceiling clean either yourself or professionally.

Keep it tidy

Wet rooms should be clutter-free. Not only does this create a serene atmosphere, but it also makes it easy to clean (and keeps mould and mildew at bay). The less items in your wet room, the better. Keep toiletries within easy reach, and hide away cleaning products and toilet roll in storage boxes.

There you have it: simple tips to keep your wet room clean. Get into the habit of doing a little cleaning everyday and your wet room will stay a relaxing haven for many years to come.