What Instead Of Tiles In The Bathroom

An alternative to tiles in the bathroom - Part 1

Is it a coincidence that in most bathrooms we can meet ceramic tiles? It is not a coincidence but a consequence of many factors. Namely, ceramic tiles are easily available, in addition, there are no restrictions as to their patterns, formats and shapes. Their maintenance also does not pose problems. What about the situation when we would like to modernize somewhat bathroom and move away from the prevailing standards? There are several attractive materials that you can use to arrange your bathroom. Below are two of them that you can replace tiles.


Wood is one of the most attractive materials for the bathroom. We can use them in modern and more rustic projects. It gives us the opportunity to get a little closer to nature, which also allows us to relax and spend a nice time. We can use this material for particular fragments of decoration or the entire wall. If we protect and prepare natural wood well, it will certainly add a warmth and a charming atmosphere to the bathroom. We can choose from many species resistant to moisture such as marbau, lapacho, cedar, teak, oak, jatoba, larch, ash, beech.


Finishing our bathroom with this material brings many benefits. It is the material most similar to ceramics. It allows you to make the bathroom in an exclusive and classic way. It is a noble material that directly affects its high price. It works in small and large wet rooms. Subjected to proper treatment and impregnation increases its strength, which will allow us to enjoy its beauty for a very long time.
The choice of stones is also big. The most popular raw materials are marble, travertine, granite and onyx, which are available in many colours, formats and structures.

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