Swimming pools, gyms, airports, hostels, amusement parks, SPA centres, schools... All these places must be equipped with showers. It is very important for the convenience of users to properly design the shower space. This is one of the most important factors determining whether customers will be happy to come back. Below are some factors to keep in mind when designing.


With a limited space or budget, we need to decide how many showers units to put in the shower space. When calculating, it is worth considering the planned occupancy. If the object is a small private gym, two spacious showers will probably be a much better idea than three or four tiny cabins. The sizes of shower trays most often chosen by customers are 900 x 1200 mm or slightly larger 800 x 1500 mm. Such dimensions ensure comfortable use for an average adult. When we have less space available and cannot give up on shower units quantity, square shower plate in the dimensions of 80 x 80 cm comes in handy. In very prestigious premises, it will be much better to invest in a larger dimensions showertray, such as 1200 x 1200 mm or rectangular 900 x 1850 mm, thanks to which we will gain additional space, eg. for hangers with towels.

Some facilities must meet appropriate access standards for disabled, so that the width of one or more cabins must be correspondingly larger. This should be taken into account when designing.


An ordinary, classic shower with an acrylic shower tray will not be a good choice for such facilities. The only solution that works and does not cause any problems will be a walk-in shower. It can be made with pre-formed shower tray or shower floor drains and a suitably profiled floor. The classic cabin is much harder to maintain (leaky door gaskets, prone to scratches acrylic tray, difficult access for people with limited mobility) and its appearance is aging much faster. In addition, wetroom gives a lot more possibilities and convenience when designing space, and is also a cheaper solution.


In order to provide some level of privacy and convenience for people using showers, we must separate them from each other. Only pool showers are still often designed as an open space. There are several options for separating. The most durable solution will be masonry walls, unfortunately taking the most space at the same time. We can also use frosted glass shower screens or special laminated waterproof boards. Curtains should be avoided because they lose their aesthetics very quickly. For the highest level of privacy, it is also worth using a lockable door. In this case, frosted glass or laminated board will also work best.