OneWay Fall Showerlay Wiper 1000 x 1000 mm Line Pure

OneWay Fall Showerlay Wiper 1000 x 1000 mm Line Pure

is a walk-in tray with linear drain. The shower tray is characterised by a one-way single slope contoured towards drain channel. In case of type of floor and the size of slope we want there are two thickness available: 30mm and 40mm. OneWay Showerlay provides excellent adhesion to shower board and 100% hydroisolation. The OneWay shower tray is a response to the needs of our clients. 

Square metre walk in shower tray comes with one of most popular 700mm linear channel. It is fixed to shower former and sealed against water. Other necessary parts are also included, such as suitable grating and waste siphon with water seal height of 20 mm and flow rate 26 l/min. Pure is a slot cover, should be filled with tiles so after the installation only visible part of the tray would be the channel. It is made by McAlpine and can be easily connected to standard pipework. 

A level wet room kit walk in shower tray 1000 x 1000 mm is a typical size former. Low level and built to offer an excellent amount of shower space, this square shower tray is also incredibly versatile and will work with a variety of shower screens and doors. It ensures the hardness of the surface layer that allows the gluing of even very small mosaics. 

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800 x 800
  • Not include
  • 3 m²
  • 6 m²
Waterproofing kit is used to seal shower tray as well as connections between walls and floor. It is recommended for concrete and mandatory for timber flooring. Each kit contains: 4kg tanking liquid, 1l primer, 10m sealing tape, 2 corners, 2 pipe collars. One kit covers 3 m² with 2 coats. If you buy it as addition to any drain or wet room kit You save £40 if you buy kit that covers 3 m² or £80 if buy one which covers 6 m².
  • 30 mm
  • 40 mm
Thickness of the board on the edges. It has 2% gradient on the entire upper surface and is shallower near the drain. As there's always 2% fall, slope is larger the thicker wet room kit is.

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If you buy this product you will receive (parts included):

Tray & integrated channel

Thickness: 30 mm

Drain grating


Waste trap

Flow rate: 26 l/min

Waterproofing kit

Size: not included

Size1000 x 1000 mm
Channel length700 mm
Grate stylePure (slot)
Height1000 mm
Width1000 mm
Thickness30 · 40 mm
TrimmingBoth sides: up to 50 mm.
MaterialXPS foam sheet
ReinforcementFibre glass mesh & cementous glue.
Fall1-way 2% towards the drain
AdditionalsTanking kit
Drain surfacebrush
CleaningFrom above (Easy clean system)
Set consistsWet room tray · integrated linear drain body · drain grating · siphon trap
  • One-way single slope contoured towards the drain channel,
  • OneWay Fall Showerlay is best solution to avoid diagonally cuts in your tray,
  • OneWay in a new product which is response to our customer needs,
  • Dimensions as described on equivalent technical drawings,
  • High-quality material use creates an extraordinary showering experience,
  • Both sides can be trimmed without any harm, using regular handsaw,
  • Designed especially for range of Wiper WP120 Premium drains,
  • Our showerlay is a 30/40 mm XPS foam sheet covered on both sides with a flexible cementous glue and reinforced with a fibre glass mesh,
  • The showerlay is CNC machine cut to give a perfect pre-formed fall from each corner to the drain,
  • It is lightweight but very strong,
  • Perfect solution for British wooden floors but can also be used on concrete floors. When it is used on wooden floors,the floor must be underboarded after floor boards have been removed,
  • Standard and minimal underboarding should be 20 mm thick,
  • Ideal for tiled floors. Because of the high compressive strength of the XPS foam, it can even be used with small mosaic tiles. This is not suitable for vinyl floor coverings,
  • The shower lay can be easily cut on site should you have any obstacles such as pipe boxings,
  • Easy to use with underfloor heating systems (should be installed on top of the shower tray)
  • One hundred per cent, double waterproofing,
  • Hardness of the surface layer allows to cement even very small mosaics,
  • High acoustic and thermal insulation,
  • After installation, the plates should be supported over the entire surface.

Shower trays incorporate linear drain built-into the tray during the manufacturing process. Wiper Premium range linear shower drains are made from one peice of 304 grade stainless steel. Only the ends are welded. This means that the flange and drain body are made from the same peice of steel ensuring complete security from water penetration. Our flange is on all four sides of the drain. You will not find a better linear drain on the market.

  • Length (X): 700 [mm]
  • Height of channel (C): 30 [mm]
  • Height to the centre of waste pipe (G): 68 [mm] (can be adjusted)
  • Total height (H): 98 [mm]
  • Width of channel (Y): 84 [mm]
  • Width of insulating flange (F): 140 [mm] (included)
  • Width of sealing membrane (M): 250 [mm] (included)
  • Flange to top edge of channel (T): 15 [mm]
  • Type of surface finish: mirror, matt, brushed
  • High quality Mcalpine poly propylene syphon trap included
  • Easy clean system (cleanable from above)
  • Complete siphon, waste pipe diamter british standard size,
  • Pipe height adjustable and rotatable at 360°,
  • Drain's cover is included, please select desired design.

Pure drain cover is an internal container that you can insert the tiles into. This type of drain is 100% tile-able.

  • Tile channel depth (A): 12 [mm]
  • Tile channel width (D): 60 mm [mm]

Grating patterns available for this product:

Documents available below are available to everybody for free to download. They can be open in high quality on your computer and be printed for further use.

Showerlay installation 20 mm technical drawing 30 mm technical drawing 40 mm technical drawing Long term guaranteeSiphon technical drawing

OneWay Showerlay Technical Drawing

Our OneWay wet room kits are available in two thicknesses: 30mm and 40mm. Depending on space, floor type, and desired gradient you can choose best option for you.

If you have timber floor - existing floor board thickness. Usually they are 30mm thick, in that case you should go for adequate thick wet room kit, to avoid floor height increase and step ups. If you want to achieve stepped up floor, 40 mm thickness might also be a good choice. Wet room kit timber floor fitting instructions

In case of concrete floor, every thickness is suitable, if you're going to screed the floor you need to shutter the future shower area off and leave proper space for tray to be inserted in the future. If screed has already been done, you will need to use jackhammer or similar tool to groove exact tray thickness and shape when the shower is going to be created. Wet room kit concrete floor fitting instructions

In case of both floor types, every shower tray thickness is enough to bear human weight, as it needs to be underboarded beneath entire surface either with ply or solid concrete. The biggest difference between thicknesses is the slope's angle achieved after installation is completed and shower tray tiled.

Technical Drawing OneWay Fall Showerlay Wetrooms Design

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OneWay Fall Showerlay Wiper 1000 x 1000 mm Line Pure
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