Wood as a material is very often an integral part of many rooms. Many people wonder if it can also be used in the bathroom. It would seem that wood is generally not suitable for rooms exposed to moisture. However, it cannot be denied that there are many ways to use it successfully: in the bathroom, kitchen or outside. Of course such wood must, above all, be characterized by adequate resistance. What's more, in recent years it can definitely be noticed that wooden bathrooms are very fashionable and more and more people are choosing them.  Wood makes our bathroom seem much more cosy and friendly, gives it a sense of security, warms the interior, and the bathroom itself seems to be much more elegant and, moreover, it gives us a wide range of possibilities when arranging our interior.

Wood in our bathroom has many advantages. Among other things, it is very nice and warm to the touch, many people will surely appreciate its acoustic qualities and universality (it fits both traditional and modern interiors). What's more, it is very durable and can be used successfully for many years.

There are really many possibilities of using wood in the bathroom: starting from the wooden finishing of the walls, through equipping the bathroom with wooden furniture or countertops, ending with wooden accessories and decorations. Wood is also the main element of a bathroom in Scandinavian style, because it gives us an unusual feeling of being close to nature, so if you are interested in such a bathroom, you definitely cannot skip it.



The first step in designing a wooden bathroom is choosing the type of wood that will be resistant to moisture, splashes, the use of various cleaning agents or frequent temperature fluctuations in the room. The best choice is exotic wood (teak, jatoba, iroko, merbau or lapacho), which is sufficiently hard and stable, protected against interference by living organisms, which is due to the increased content of natural resins and oils. A significant disadvantage of exotic wood is its high price, with large bathrooms, the use of this type of wood may be associated with really high costs. If we would prefer to choose native species, it is worth paying attention to oak, larch or beech.


There are several ways to protect the wood, one of the most popular is varnishing. It is a method that requires very high accuracy so that the entire surface is covered with varnish, because each millimetre of free surface will make the wood absorb moisture, which in the future will result in its complete destruction. The wood may start to delaminate. Even small damage, if left unsecured, causes greater damage. Another method is oiling. With this method, slipping on a wooden floor will be a lot more likely.

However, you should remember about proper care of wooden elements in your bathroom. It is not difficult or time-consuming, but regularity is very important here. First of all, we must remember to dry such surfaces regularly and maintain the floor several times a year with special oily agents or other agents designed specifically for our wood, which will replenish the loss of protective substance in the wood.



Wooden bathroom furniture is a really good choice! They are another element of our bathroom that gives it warmth and elegance, while being very solid, practical and safe for our health. In many cases they can also be made to measure, what's more, they fit almost any style of bathroom. In a classic-style bathroom, where we decide to combine wood with white, it is worth choosing white accents on our furniture. The white itself enhances and emphasizes the beauty and depth of the wood. They make our bathroom optically enlarged and seem much lighter. In the case of wooden furniture, it should also be remembered that they are properly secured so that they can serve us as long as possible and over the years do not give the impression of being damaged, but rather very climatic.

We can also add wood to our bathroom through various types of wooden accessories, such as: a soap dish or a mirror frame, handles or pots for plants. The combination of all this will make our bathroom an incredibly pleasant and warm place for us, the use of which will be a great pleasure for us.



It cannot be denied that the care and protection of wood is quite a problematic and demanding activity, so it is also worth paying attention to wood - imitating tiles. Their decisive advantage is durability and practicality. Compared to ordinary wood, they are much more resistant to all kinds of damage and are often a much cheaper choice. They are also very aesthetic, they can imitate not only its colour or pattern, but also its texture. What's more, they can imitate literally any type of wood.

The wooden floor goes perfectly with underfloor heating, this combination gives us an amazing feeling of comfort, which makes it much more pleasant to spend time in such a bathroom.

There is something in it that the wood in our bathroom gives the room a soul. Admittedly, there is something here! Compared to ceramic tiles, this room is much more cosy, you don't want to leave it. Wood gives the bathroom an amazing climate, the bathroom will certainly not lose its uniqueness and charm over the years, and with a few rules it will certainly serve us for many years.

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