Zero waste bathroom - 12 things that will change the future of the planet

We live in an age where man-made materials used for everyday life litter our planet. Garbage is a global problem. There is so much waste that we start to worry about the fate of our earth. It is high time to change our habits and clean the planet for our descendants. See what you can introduce into your daily life.

We use a lot of disposable items in the bathroom. One Briton produces up to 394 kg of garbage per year. This is the same as one large room stuffed to the brim with rubbish. This has catastrophic consequences in nature. It is worth considering environmentally friendly alternatives. Not only for the planet, but also for our loved ones. Control the waste you throw away.

1. Biodegradable cotton buds


Plastic sticks are usually not recycled. Bamboo sticks are 100% biodegradable. After use, dispose of in organic waste, compost or other waste.


2. Bar of soap and shampoo


The diced products are of much better quality. Bar soaps and shampoos are handcrafted without any unnecessary preservatives or plastic packaging.


3. Cream and other cosmetics in glass packages


Cosmetics manufacturers more and more often pay attention to the quality of the product as well as the packaging itself. Choose cosmetics in glass packaging that can be reused.


4. Recycled toilet paper


Currently, recycled toilet paper does not differ much in the comfort of use from standard one. When you buy recycled paper, you have high product quality and at the same time care for the environment.


5. Vinegar and baking soda for cleaning up

With this mixture, you can clean your shower area, bathroom fittings, joints, fridge, washing machine, and oven. The house will sparkle clean without the use of chemical liquids and littering the environment with used packaging where you buy detergents.


6. Wooden toothbrushes


It cleans the same, and yet much friendlier to the planet. They are usually made of bamboo. Wood is a fully biodegradable material.


7. Loofah sponge instead of synthetic


Natural plant bath sponge. By using it, you will notice how your skin's elasticity and firmness will improve thanks to better blood circulation. Bacteria do not multiply in a natural sponge as in artificial sponges, the sponge has no dyes, does not crumble, has its oriental fragrance and a better peeling effect.


8. Metal razor


The traditional method of shaving is environmentally friendly compared to plastic disposable razors. One will last you for life.

9. Silk fiber dental floss


Natural silk thread with the addition of vegetable wax and essential oil is a great alternative to nylon threads. Why harm nature when you can live in harmony with it.


10. Reusable cotton pads


You use them in the same way as disposable ones, but instead of throwing them into the trash, you put them in the washing machine and add biodegradable washing powder.


11. Reusable panty liners or menstrual cup


A woman is able to use up to 17K pieces of hygiene products such as sanitary napkins and tampons.


12. Biodegradable washing powder


You can do the washing powder yourself in 3 minutes:


1 cup of borax 

1 cup of sodium carbonate 

1 cup sodium percarbonate (natural bleach)


1 cup of borax

1 cup of sodium carbonate

DOSAGE: 1-2 spoons for washing (in the drawer or on the bottom of the washing machine)

The microplastic even settles at the bottom of the Mariana Trench. It gets into the ecosystem when washing synthetic clothes.

Life is probably much simpler than we think. You can successfully apply the zero-waste philosophy in every area of life. If you have any more ideas for reusable products, be sure to let us know!

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