When choosing a linear drain or a shower tray, you will eventually reach the moment of choosing the drain grate pattern. A seemingly trivial task may prove decisive for the looks of your walk-in shower. Which one will be best for you? Do more holes mean better drainage? Will each pattern be equally durable? What if I get bored with the look of the grille?

Each type of grille cover offered for our drains is made of the same steel as the drain itself. Also each one need to meet the standards related to for example, resistance to pressure, temperature changes or water flow rate hinder. Therefore, when deciding on any of the patterns, you can be sure that each will be equally durable and will not slow down water drainage.


By far the most popular type of grille. The Pure cover has been specially designed to be filled with various types of tiles. Thanks to this, you will obtain an elegant, minimalist and almost invisible drain. There is only a gap around the grate, which will drain water as efficiently as other grates. The tile can be glued with both flexible adhesive mortar and assembly glue. The space between the tile and the grate is best finished with silicone in the colour of the grout. To obtain the proper effect, make sure that the tile does not protrude too high above the drain. The Pure tileable grate is a slightly more demanding option, but the result will reward the extra work.

Wiper Premium Pure


It is the second most frequently chosen pattern. The Ponente grille is the simplest pattern that does not have any additional holes or quirks. It is a solid, flat piece of steel that, like Pure, fits in with a minimalist, clean type of decor. In this case, the installation is limited to removing the protective foil and inserting the grate into the drain.

Wiper Premium Ponente


One of the most popular patterns among the patterned ones. The Mistral grille has a pattern in the form of holes of various sizes. What is very important, holes are not cut, but punched out. As a result, all the edges of the holes are slightly rounded inside, so you do not need to grind each hole separately to have a smooth edge. All this speeds up the production process and produces a better end product. The appearance of the grille may refer to air bubbles in water and should suit more than one bathroom.

Wiper Premium Mistral


The Sirocco grille is a pattern produced in the same way as Mistral. However, it is a much more orderly pattern in the form of several rows of square holes. Like all other grids, it is sanded on both sides and all edges to get rid of any sharp edges for the user's safety.

Wiper Premium Sirocco


Another very simple, orderly pattern in the form of sloping stripes. The Zonda grille is a pattern that is also widely used by other manufacturers. Neutral appearance, often chosen by companies for showers in swimming pools, gyms, etc.

Wiper Premium Zonda


It is a mix of two basic geometric shapes. The Tivano grille has groups of squares and rectangles. An original design that you will either like immediately or will be the first one to reject.

Wiper Premium Tivano

Remember that whichever grille you choose, they are interchangeable. Therefore, even if you get bored of the pattern after some time, you can order another one.

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