What Tiles Should We Choose For A Small Bathroom

What tiles should be chosen for a small bathroom, so that the whole would look aesthetically and not to optically reduce its dimensions? There are several ways to do it!

Not everyone can enjoy a spacious home bathroom, which will not hurt even the craziest design ideas. In the following article, we advise you which tiles to choose for a small bathroom, optically enlarge the interior and feel more comfortable in your own four walls.

1. The light-reflecting tiles will enlarge the small bathroom

The first important trick is to use tiles that will reflect light and dissipate it. Shiny gloss tiles and adequate lighting will give the impression of a larger space.

2. Tiles in bright and cool colours

For a small bathroom it is best to opt for light coloured tiles. The cooler colours create the impression of space - and you can insulate the interior through accessories. Avoid contrasting, thick joints - a chessboard on a small surface will visually reduce the bathroom.

3. Large tiles on the floor and suspended ceramics

The more elements on the floor, the bigger chaos feeling in the bathroom. Therefore, in really small rooms, it's best to hang suspended ceramics and place the equipment so that least of them will be on the floor.

4. Horizontal and vertical decors

Depending on whether the bathroom is longer and narrow, or low, we should use decors that properly extend the interior (horizontal, with wide patterns) or extend them (vertical with vertical decors).

5. Storage compartments in ceramic building

Instead of cabinets and baskets, decide on shelves, using buildings (eg toilets) finished with ceramic tiles - thanks to the fact that the equipment will be visually less, the bathroom will look more spacious.

6. Large tiles in a small bathroom

A common myth about designing a small bathroom is the belief that large tiles will additionally optically reduce the bathroom. Nothing more wrong. The choice of tiles with a large area with regular edges (rectified) and their location without joints (or rather using an extremely thin joint), gives the effect of a uniform surface, which - if the tiles are glossy - additionally brightens the space.

7. Tiles up to 2/3 of the wall height

Such arrangement of tiles and the finishing of the walls with corresponding color extends optically the walls. If we additionally use an apparent bar in a suspended ceiling, the walls will look much higher than in reality.

8. Rectangular tiles for a small bathroom just right

They give the impression of a larger room width. An interesting trick is also one horizontal strip in a contrasting color that will further expand the bathroom.

9. Mirror flush with plates

Mirrored reflective surfaces will enlarge the bathroom (unless two mirrors are placed opposite each other). It is worth to build them in the wall so that they face the tiles - we get an impression of even greater space.

10. Lack of small decors

Detailed wall decorations are the opposite of tiles we are looking for a small bathroom. Small and colorful decors in a small bathroom will create an impression of chaos - it's better to give up.

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