Shower head choice is a very important decision that must be made when arranging your modern wet-room shower. Not only the convenience of use will depend on this, but also water consumption and installation costs. There are several main types of shower heads, while there are hundreds or thousands of different models with interesting solutions and looks.


Most often found at public places like swimming pools or gyms. Mainly due to the simplicity of the solution, it means that there are fewer elements that can be damaged. Often, to save money, they are also equipped with time switches. Unfortunately, despite these advantages, it is the least practical solution of all. The spray head makes it difficult to thoroughly wash virtually all parts of the body below the waist. In addition, it splashes water a lot, so it is not the best solution for open showers. It will also be difficult to bathe a dog or a child.


A similar solution that is gaining more and more popularity is the rain shower head. As in the case of an ordinary fixed shower head, it is not a practical solution for a thorough bath. It will be perfect as an additional relaxing option or for a quick rinse. Unfortunately, this is not a solution that can be used in every bathroom. If the ceiling is low, achieving a reasonable distance of the rain shower from your head may be difficult. Also, tall people may have a problem to fit under such a shower. The disadvantage of the rain shower is also the complete lack of height and water stream adjustment.


This is a kind of a more luxurious solution and more of an accessory than a main water source. The problem with body sprayers is that they need high water pressure in the system and efficient water heating. Due to high hot water consumption, owners of electric water heaters and small boilers may have problems with keeping the water hot throughout the bath. Additionally, the jest spray nozzles are also not recommended for open showers due to the extensive water splashing. If you decide to install it, you must be prepared for the significantly increased costs of building a shower, but a moment of relaxation in a home spa may cover all the disadvantages.


By far the most practical and cost effective solution. Thanks to the handheld shower head, you can precisely wash every part of your body. You can bathe a dog or a child thoroughly, and neither your height nor height of the room matters. Handhelds often has a stream control, so you can get a similar effect to all other solutions. All you need is a proper long adjustable handle. Unfortunately, the handle may turn out to be one of the disadvantages of this solution. The hose and long vertical handle are not the most minimalistic solutions and for some they can disturb the aesthetics of the shower. Handheld shower head hangers are not very durable and after years, in the event of damage, replacement with the same ones may be impossible, so it is not worth saving on these elements.

Taking into account the advantages and disadvantages of each solution, it is best to choose a hybrid option, i.e. simple handheld shower head with an additional rain shower or a wall mounted one.

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