How To Clean Tiles Right After Installation

Proper cleaning immediately after renovation is the key to keeping the room clean at a later time. The more carefully and precisely we take care of it right after the completion of the renovation works, the less work it will take for each subsequent cleaning. Another advantage will be an aesthetic and clean interior, safe for us and our loved ones.

After renovation, there are always paint, cement, dust or glue stains on our tiles, furniture, windows or sanitary facilities. Restoring a room after renovation takes much more time than standard cleaning. Regular cleaning of the floor takes a few minutes, and after finishing the work, we can clean the floor up to 3 times and you can still see white streaks from cement residue or sanding walls.

The easiest way to clean the interior will be a comprehensive and very careful cleaning immediately after renovation. Paint residues are best washed off immediately after painting. The dirt is not very dry then, so cleaning will not be a big effort for us.

Installing tiles also leaves a lot of dirt, which is often difficult to remove. The last stage of tiling, which is filling the joints between the tiles, causes the most dirt, but how much effort we will have to put into getting rid of them also depends on the work of our specialist.

As in the case of painting, any dirt removed immediately after the assembly works are completed can be easily removed. Alkaline cleaners are best for cleaning tiles. However, remember to use them in moderation, because too many preparations leave streaks and damp patches.

When selecting tools to aid in cleaning, avoid sharp sponges, cleaners or other tools that may damage the surface structure of the tiles. Also, do not choose acidic cleaning products.

Vinegar is one of the popular products for cleaning windows and tiles, but frequent use of vinegar may cause the surface of our finishing material to become dull. Vinegar is an acidic product.

The tiles can be washed off well with water and hair shampoo. Some people prefer to wash the tiles with dish soap and water. Of course, this solution is not bad, but the dishwashing liquid needs to be rinsed off really thoroughly so that it does not leave tarnish and stains. This means that it is best to replace the water and wash the floors after washing the floors with washing-up liquid.

Linseed oil is the ideal agent for polishing the tiles. After cleaning the tiles, care should be taken as the last element in cleaning them. Polish the tiles with a little linseed oil. Your tiles will sparkle and look beautiful.

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