A mirror is a very important and even necessary element of the decor and equipment of every bathroom. Shapes, sizes, finishing and installation methods can be adapted to any bathroom without any problem. In addition to the appearance, convenience of use and functionality are also very important.

According to the progressing trend, frameless mirrors are often chosen for modern and minimalist bathrooms. This solution looks great in every size. Both, a small round mirror in a large bathroom will look good and a huge square mirror in a small bathroom too. In the latter case, it will brighten and optically enlarge the small bathroom. The problem with large mirrors is that it is more difficult to keep them in perfect cleanliness, they are more expensive and more difficult to install. Frameless mirrors are usually simply glued to the wall. When choosing such a fixed solution, you should remember that it may not be possible to change it later for something smaller without making a mess. However, it is relatively easy to change its appearance by simply adding a frame made of wood, tiles or other material. This way you can simply refresh the look of your bathroom or completely change the decor without even replacing the mirror.

Regardless of the shape or frame some nice additions are available for mirrors. Backlight is one of them. This solution gives a unique appearance and cancels the need to install wall lamps projecting from the wall. Often, however, such lighting may not be strong enough, for example when shaving. That's why manufacturers started to create lighting built into the mirror. Thanks to this, they directly illuminate ones face instead of just the wall. This solution will appeal to everyone who likes futuristic and functional design.

A mirror with a cabinet is a very interesting and practical solution as well. This will allow you to organize and hide some of your bathroom items. Additional backlight will not be a problem, which will give a nice look to the whole thing. The only limitation is the shape and size of such a mirror that must fit in a reasonable size.

Currently, manufacturers of mirrors offer a number of additional amenities. For your own convenience, you can install a heating mat on the back of the mirror, thanks to which your mirror will never fog up. As if that was not enough, the display with the watch or weather station is also not a big problem.

Watch our offer carefully, because soon we will expand it with interesting, modern, high-quality mirrors.

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