How To Light A Bathroom Without A Window

If you have a bathroom without access to the window and are concerned about the comfort of use, we suggest that a well-designed lighting will improve its overall presentation and allow you to use it comfortably every day. A proper lighting arrangement means that no one will notice the lack of a window, and it will make your work easier during cleaning.

Usually bathrooms that do not have access to the window are small. Often, such rooms are only used for a separate toilet. When choosing a light for your bathroom, it's best to follow a few rules to make staying in the room as friendly as possible. 

The most pleasant colour for our eyes is daylight. For a bathroom without a window, we recommend looking for bulbs with the colour of the light most similar to the daylight. It will cause that our eyes will not get tired if we stay in the room for a long time. It's best to look for compact fluorescent lamps, sodium and LED lamps. They emit the safest light for our eyes. Their prices are a bit higher, but their use is worth it. 

The best solution will be to use several light sources and colours. Thanks to this, when properly switched on, we will be able to adjust the lighting to a specific activity.

Colours of light:

Warm - ideal for rest and relaxation, does not strain the eyes, promotes good mood, it is worth to use in the shower or illuminating small parts of the room;

Neutral - stimulating, sufficient for the main bathroom lighting and for cleaning;

Cold - the strongest stimulates, very bright colour, suitable for use only at the mirror. 

The bathroom without a window can be visually enlarged by properly designed artificial lighting. The large mirrors on the walls, ceiling lighting, alcoves, shelves, etc. will help us in this. The proven solution is stretch ceilings. They emit a gentle and shadowless light, have a modern design and are sufficient for lighting the entire interior, without additional ceiling lamps. You can also use popular mirror panels made of a stretchable membrane. An additional role can be played by finishing materials and their colour. For example, tiles are best selected with a gloss finish, which will additionally reflect light and in bright colours. 

Selection of lamps and light bulbs as very important. It is best to choose one that has a positive effect on our health and at the same time is energy-efficient.


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