Tips For Choosing Bathroom Tiles


The purchase of bathroom tiles is an investment for many years, so choosing them is not a simple task. We want them to be of good quality and at the same time look stylish. Fortunately, the offer of tiles is extremely rich and the multitude of colours, patterns and shapes of tiles allows you to finish the bathroom in almost any style.


In small-sized rooms, it is worth using tiles that will cause the light to diffuse. Gloss tiles and adequate lighting will give the impression of a larger space. In large rooms you can come up with colours, shapes, sizes of tiles from mosaic to large format. Part of the wall can be tiled and some can be painted. Only our imagination limits us.
When looking for inspiration, let’s decide on a maximum of 3 types of tiles on the walls to maintain the consistency of the interior and avoid unnecessary chaos.


If it’s time to choose tiles for the bathroom, think first what you want in this bathroom. Analyse what furniture, equipment, style and guiding colours should be. Look for tiles only when you have a full layout of the new bathroom. Then the easiest way is to choose the colour, size, shape and layout of the tiles. This will help us with arrangement.


Important factors to pay attention to are absorbability and slip resistance. Water absorption is measured as a percentage and the bathroom tiles should have a water absorption of 3%. A tile with a high non-slip ratio is a very good solution. It is not advisable to use glazed tiles on the floor, because their surface in combination with water becomes very slippery. Let's also remember that on the floor absolutely we can not lay wall tiles, they are much less resistant to scratches, impacts, abrasion, and above all are slippery and hardly durable.
Bathrooms are wet rooms, that is why it is extremely important to use waterproofing in the form of foil, mats, tapes to protect against water and moisture, to enjoy the new bathroom as long as possible.

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