Tile Designs For Your Wet Room

A major design feature of any wet room is tiling. There is a large variety of tiles that you can select from. Take a look at these different types to choose the one that is right for you and your wet room. 


is a natural stone that can be used to create a stylish, one-of-a-kind wet room. It tends to be cheaper and more durable than marble or porcelain. Choosing this tile will allow you to spend money on other things. However, it can be slippery so it may be better to choose tumbled travertine because it has more texture and is safer to walk on when wet. 


is one of the most resilient tile materials and is available in many beautiful colours and patterns to enhance the look and feel of your wet room. It’s slightly porous, so a quality sealant is key for a long lasting limestone. 

Ceramic tiles

are a popular choice when it comes to wet rooms as they are very durable and versatile. Ceramic has low maintenance and it’s naturally resistant to high humidity, making it perfect for a wet room. You can find these types of tiles in a range of colours and finishes to complete the look you desire. 

Mosaic tiles

are perfect when wanting to create an intricate design. They are available in a variety of colours, materials, patterns and sizes. They work great in small wet rooms because they are translucent and help light up a small space. They are durable and resistant to cracking and great when it comes to moisture. These tiles can be slippery as well so a non-slip layer is recommended for safety.


is the strongest stone and it holds shine and repels water. It is definitely one of the most attractive tiles and each tile is unique. Remember, it’s heavy – so installation can take more time and will need a non-slip layer. 

Marble is the most luxurious material for a wet room. It’s a natural stone of high quality and, as with granite, every tile is unique. It’s great for wide open wet rooms but it’s highly absorbent and so not the best material for a high-traffic space. It requires more maintenance than most but it’s absolutely stunning.

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