Most of the electric floor heating installation process does not require much effort and specialized knowledge. There are, however, a few elements to remember and to which particular attention should be paid. If you follow the instructions below, you can easily handle the proper underfloor heating installation. But remember, that the final connection to the electrical installation should be carried out by a qualified electrician.


- first of all, remember to install it in the attached felxible sensor pipe. Otherwise the sensor can be easily damaged or may give incorrect data to the controller
- place the cable with the sensor directly in the middle of one of the heating cable loops
- keep a minimum distance of 50 cm between the sensor and other heating systems, sewage pipes and other electric cables
- make sure that the heating cable does not touch the floor sensor
- the end of the sensor flexible pipe should be closed with the plug included in the set
- if necessary, the sensor can be extended to a maximum of 10 meters with a signal cable
- install the sensor so that if necessary it can be easily replaced in the future, e.g. by connecting it to the electrical box first


- before turning the heating on for the first time, the floor must dry completely as recommended by the adhesive / screed manufacturer, which usually takes about 3-4 weeks
- in the case of an automatic thermostat, after the floor has dried properly, you can run a special program for the first start, thanks to which the system will raise the temperature slowly starting from 15°C and increasing temperature by 1°C every day


- be sure to check the size of the mat carefully and plan its position before final sticking it to the floor
- cut the mesh carefully to not damage the heating cable
- the spacing between the heating cable loops should be about 7 cm
- never place a heating mat under bathroom fixtures such as a bathtub or furniture
- plan out the holes that you will need to drill later so as not to damage the heating cable
- follow the instructions and measure the cable with a multimeter in the continuity and resistance mode before any installation, before lying the tiles and immediately after completed installation
- never cross the heating cable with it self
- the distance between the cable and the wall should be between 10-20 cm
- all electrical connections should be made by a person with appropriate authorizations
- tile advesive or screed should be compatible with underfloor heating
- the end loop of the cable should not be cut
- the connection cable is 4 meters long and cannot be shortened by more than 2 meters
- when installing multiple mats, connect their cables in an electrical box, and bring only one cable to the thermostat
- the minimum thickness of the adhesive / screed to cover the mat is 5 mm
- make a photographic documentation before tiling
- do not run the power cable and floor sensor in the same electrical flexible pipe

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