Electric floor heating is an increasingly popular type of heating system in our homes. As you know, warm air is lighter and goes up. Thanks to this, the floor-mounted heating is very efficient and warms the whole room evenly. In addition, the feeling of walking on a warm floor is very pleasant. That's why we want to offer you new affordable heating system with a modern thermostat. We present you SUNFLOOR electric underfloor heating.

The set consists of a special mesh to which the heating cable is attached, thermostat and accessories. The mesh is self-adhesive, which significantly helps with laying (especially in bathrooms, where the usable surface often has an irregular shape). Mat can be cut and adjusted to the required shape. But if you need, the cable can be cut off from the mesh and laid separately. Under no circumstances don't cut the cable itself.

Available sizes:

Sunfloor Rozmiary

They can be combined together to cover the required area. One thermostat can handle up to 3600W / 16A load, which gives about 24 m2).

The thermostat offered with our Sunfloor heating system is a modern digital device with a WiFi feature for convenient remote control using your smartphone. The thermostat has a pure, minimalist design that will fit into any bathroom without being conspicuous. The compact size of 8.5 x 8.5 cm and small depth will not cause problems with installation in the wall. Thanks to a dedicated application (available for both Android and iOS phones), you can conveniently operate the thermostat remotely while connected to the same WiFi network. The software offers couple of default work modes dedicated to different situations, such as e.g. night mode or anti-freeze mode, which maintains the appropriate low floor temperature during a long absence. You can also set your own heating schedules. Thanks to the app, you can also connect many thermostats divided into rooms and check or the current temperature in each room at any time. The display has been designed not to blind the user even at night, and thanks to the energy-saving, the device in standby mode consumes only 2W of power. The set comes with a thermostat, a floor temperature sensor and an assembly conduit.

Wifi Thermostat Sunfloor

Electric floor heating can be successfully used with our shower trays. Thanks to the insulating properties of the XPS foam, from which our shower trays are made, the heating is even more efficient and instantly heats up the tiles in the shower. If you choose to use a standard linear or square drain, underfloor heating can also be fitted. However, remember that the heating cables should not be laid too close to the siphon so not to accelerate the evaporation of the water plug.

Electric underfloor heating quickly warms the floor and maintains heat for a long time with low energy consumption. The Sunfloor heating kit includes detailed instructions for installing the mat and thermostat. All this at a very attractive price in relation to the quality offered.

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