Six Steps Before Renovation Work In Your Bathroom

Spring and summer is the time of renovations - also in bathrooms. Regardless of whether we are planning a thorough change of arrangement, or only a part of it, it is worth considering bathroom equipment with new bathroom furniture.
And what if the thought of refurbishment causes a headache? Making choices seems labor intensive and the offer too wide? Plan your renovation with your head! Get to know six steps that will make it easier for you to carry out renovation work in the bathroom.

Step 1

Before the renovation, it is worth considering the needs of each user, the concept of bathroom appearance and its functionality. This will allow you to use the space ergonomically and find space for all necessary bathroom accessories, cosmetics and cleaning products.

Step 2

Renovation of the bathroom should start from the planning stage, which consists of:

  • selection of the necessary bathroom fittings
  • the decision whether we prefer a bathtub or a shower (and whether the bathtub will fit in your bathroom)
  • lighting planning (especially in small, windowless bathrooms, properly lit zone of sinks and a well-chosen mirror will allow us to comfortably perform makeup and all hygienic treatments)
  • planning and correct connection of ventilation
  • the most functional layout of your dream equipment and an assessment of how much space we have left for furniture.

Step 3

The next phase is the selection and purchase of bathroom tiles. Not only the color and texture counts, although they create the bathroom climate for years. Also note the following:

  • size and shape - not every tile size will fit your bathroom, and trimming and matching them to space is an additional time-consuming and cost-generating element of renovation
  • grout width - it affects the final effect, and sometimes also the number of tiles used in the arrangement
  • planned location, so that the dream pattern would be perfectly exposed, and the furniture and fittings would not obscure it unnecessarily

Then the end result will be stunning!

Step 4

Another important issue is the choice of a washbasin. To do it properly, think about it:

  • what material do you want it to be made of? Sinks available on the market can be divided into: ceramic, acrylic, conglomerate, glass, porcelain and even wooden. They are durable and resistant to scratches, and the price differences result from the type of material they are made of
  • how it should be assembled - hanging, countertop or recessed
  • what size will be the most comfortable? The offer includes basins with a width of 40cm to 100cm, so you should choose the right bathroom
  • Should it have a battery hole? Or maybe you prefer a free-standing or concealed mixer?
  • What shape would suit your bathroom - oval, square or rectangular?

Furniture washbasins are adapted to the size of bathroom furniture, that's why when buying furniture for the bathroom it is worth buying them in a set with a washbasin. The countertop basins add to the charm of the interior, but just like sinks in the worktop, you need to cut out the hole for the siphon in the top of the furniture.

The choice of basins with wide countertops is practical and convenient, because it allows you to keep soap, toothpaste and toothbrushes and other accessories at your fingertips without having to install additional shelves.

Step 5

Another essential element of bathroom equipment is a mirror. It fulfills a useful function, but also aesthetic function, because by reflecting the light it brightens and simultaneously enlarges the space. However, the most important function of the mirror in the bathroom is to provide the opportunity to look carefully. Think about what mirror and how will the best fit in your bathroom?

  • You can paste the mirror between the tiles or hang on the wall
  • you can choose between mirrors in the frame or elegantly milled
  • they can have built-in lighting, thanks to which we can avoid choosing the right wall lamps
  • or maybe you decide on a mirror cabinet - then you will gain additional space for storing essentials and cosmetics necessary in the bathroom
  • decide on what height the mirror should be and what size it should be so that everyone using it can freely view it

Step 6

The choice of bathroom furniture is crowned with renovation work. It is in capacious drawers and spacious cabinets that you place cosmetics and bathroom accessories, towels, cleaning products and a laundry basket.

Important decisions that you must consider when choosing furniture are:

  • Do you prefer standing cabinets (allowing to change the arrangement if necessary), or suspended (which facilitate cleaning in the bathroom and are better for smaller bathrooms, because they give the impression of visual lightness)
  • what color suits you best and fits selected tiles
  • What dimensions of cabinets will fit in your bathroom? In many furniture collections we have a wide range of dimensions to choose from, so limited space will not be a problem for us.

When looking for furniture for the bathroom, we first of all pay attention to being functional, emphasizing the style of the interior, and also reflecting our personality and sense of aesthetics. They should please us and be comfortable in everyday use, so that in our bathroom we feel comfortable at any time of the day.

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