For years there has been a dispute between bathtubs and showers lovers. So that nobody makes a mistake while arranging your bathroom, we decided to remind you once again why it is better to choose a wetroom shower over a bathtub.

First of all, let's be honest. The bathtub is old fashioned. All modern interiors now have at least a shower cubicle, and the really modern ones has a proper wet-room walk-in shower. The bathtub dates back to the time when there was no access to running water. Currently, there is no problem with that in developed countries, so it's time to move on and choose more up-to-date solution such as a wet-room shower. In addition (without going into details), bathing in a bathtub is unfortunately less hygienic than showering with running water.

The shower is nevertheless much easier to install. A large bathtub is often very difficult or impossible to push through tight stairs, corners and doors and finally to the bathroom. There will be no such problem even with the largest linear drain and it can be done by just one man. In addition, a freestanding bathtub causes a considerable space loss and gives much less possibilities when designing your bathroom. The shower area can be shaped freely. You can put it in a niche, in a corner, in the middle of the wall or in the middle of the bathroom if you like. You also don't have to stick to squares or rectangles. The shower can be round, oval, triangular etc. It all depends on the existing room shape and your vision. Creating the look of your shower and fitting it to the rest of the bathroom also leaves a lot of room for your creativity (as opposed to the bathtub). In the shower area you can use a completely different tile color, you can separate it from the rest of the bathroom using different solutions (glass screen, glass blocks, curtain, etc.), each of which will give a slightly different effect.

Another major argument for having a shower is the price to quality ratio. By choosing even the budget one stainless steel linear drain, you can be sure that its durability will significantly exceed the budget acrylic bathtub, not to mention the aesthetic value. In addition, showering done properly can significantly reduce the cost of water consumption compared to using a bathtub.

One of the most important arguments brought up in the discussion about the superiority of the shower over bathtub is the convenience and ease of use for people with limited mobility. A proper wet-room shower without any threshold means trouble-free access for the elderly and disabled, and often for ourselves in the future. Yes, there are bathtubs with doors that facilitate access for people with limited mobility, however, it is a much more expensive solution and, unfortunately, causes a high probability of flooding the bathroom.

In the case of older buildings, the significantly lower weight load for the ceiling that comes with the shower than with the bathtub will also be important.

But, one of the most interesting possibilities offered by a tile over shower trays is the underfloor heating installation possibility. It is an extremely pleasant and comfortable solution, which will, like the modern wetroom itself, increases the value of the property.

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