Plants For The Bathroom - All You Need To Know

How to choose the best plants for the bathroom?

Do you feel that your bathroom lacks an accent related to nature? Or maybe you just want to enrich your relaxation area with more decorations? How can you avoid a sterile bathroom climate? The best answer to all the above questions will be to add more plants to your home!

In the bathroom plants behave a little differently and not all adapt to the climate that prevails in it. The bathrooms are moist and warm. Tropical plants will feel good in such an environment. During the bath, the bathroom is full of steam and high temperature. Such factors have a healing effect on dried and browned leaves.
If you have such plants in other rooms and want to revive them, then move them to the bathroom. An additional advantage of moving them to the bathroom will be greenery, which will relax our eyes and add charm to sterile interiors.

If we want to grow plants in the bathroom, it is best in one where there is a lot of light. Sunlight will be perfect. If we have a very bright interior, we put photophilous plants in it, i.e. dracaena, ficus, arrowroots, crotons, ivy, ficus or orchids. Plants that like high humidity prefer diffused, softer light.

How to arrange plants in the bathroom?

By the mirror, ferns, orchids and philodendrons will look beautiful. Place larger pots with tall palm trees or mature sansevieria on the floor next to the bathtub or shower. They will be beautiful natural paintings for concrete walls. You can arrange short plants in smaller pots in niches or by the window.

 What Plants Can Grow In A Dark Bathroom

Plants love light!

Plant development depends on light. Just like everything that lives. Flowers and leaves grow by producing nutrients as a result of photosynthesis, which requires light. If the bathroom does not have natural access to light, special lamps can be installed in the bathroom. You can buy them in gardening stores or with interior furnishings.

Can you keep a plant in a windowless bathroom?

A room without windows is not doomed to artificial flowers from above. There are solutions thanks to which we can create an environment that will provide flowers for development. You just have to choose the right specimens. It is best to plant two pots with plants with high tolerance to long-term lack of light. We place one of them in the room and the other in the bathroom. To ensure their development, we need to change these pots every 10 days.

What plants can grow in a dark bathroom?

Use plants such as spathiphyllum, zamioculcas, sansevieria or spider plant. These plants can withstand almost any conditions. They are among the most durable. They do not like pouring, spilling, etc. It is also worth fertilising them in the spring and summer season.

Plant In A Windowless Bathroom

Adequate ventilation

Bubbles of our cleaning products and detergents rise in the air after each bath and cleaning. They roam the entire bathroom, which leads to contact between plants and cleaning products. Of course, flowers absorb many harmful compounds (benzene, formaldehyde, acetone, trichlorethylene, clean the air of mold and microbes). What's more, many of them moisturise the air. However, we have enough moisture in the bathrooms. We need to provide plants with air exchange, which is why it is so important to ensure adequate ventilation in the bathroom. It also protects plants from the development of fungal diseases. What's more, proper ventilation has a very large impact on preventing the development of mold and fungus throughout the bathroom. This applies to joints, shelves, walls and the ceiling. The ventilation system is a must for the proper functioning of every bathroom. It is best to take this into account at the renovation stage. Ensure that your bathroom has a good enough air exchange circuit.

The best plants for the bathroom

1. Spathpeace lily - moisturizes the air and absorbs harmful chemicals.

2. English galingale - feels good in partial shade and needs a wet ground

3. Tillandsia - likes very bright bathrooms

4. Dracaena - a graceful and undemanding flower that will outlive almost anything. It likes partial shade and slightly moist soil. It doesn't like direct sunlight and deep shade

5. Anthurium - for rooms with diffused light, requires constant soil moisture. It also feel good in the shadows

6. Calathea - needs constantly moist soil and partial shade

7. Croton - loves high temperatures, focused light and moist ground

8. Nefrolepis fern - likes dark places, needs more humidity

9. Washington Palm - requires focused light and moist soil

10. Epipremnum - a hardy plant, can endure unsystematic watering, likes diffused light or partial shade

Rules for growing flowers in the bathroom

  •          Do not spill flowers. In the bathroom, steam also provides a lot of moisture;
  •          Remove withered leaves and flowers so that they do not rot;
  •          Try to arrange the pots so that their leaves do not come into direct contact with water;
  •          Keep plants away from chemicals. We do not want to poison our greenery. When cleaning the bathroom using strong detergents, be careful not only for yourself, but also for plants, and move them to another place for that time;
  •          Ventilate the room after each bath so as not to weaken the flowers and plants and prevent the development of fungal diseases;
  •          After a month, move the pots to another room to heal the plants. In their place you can give more plants from our home greenery.

The bathroom is a place of relaxation not only for you. After bathing in the bathroom, the plants have a greenhouse-like climate. It has high humidity and high temperature. We can say that we create such a SPA for plants. These are ideal conditions for pots with exotic plants

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