The main reason behind the fast development of technology in home appliances sector is people's love of comfort. Fast pace of life and good availability of luxury products, determine the leading trend in choosing bathroom style. Below you will find a list of products, at least some of which should be installed in every truly modern bathroom.


If you decide to have a shower instead of a bathtub, a walk-in wet-room shower will be the most modern and timeless solution. The ever-growing demand for such a solution is undeniable. The ease of use and maintenance of such a solution is unbeatable. To build a wetroom shower, you can use a ready-made showerlay or just install a indyvidual drain in the floor.

Linear drains dominate the floor drains market. They offer better water reception and a more interesting appearance. Currently, there is a wide variety of linear drains that can be adapted to your needs in terms of the depth and type of the floor, the size of the shower or the floor finish material.

When designing a walk-in shower, it's best to opt for a single shower screen glass. A minimalist solution works best in a modern style of decor and will be the easiest to maintain. Properly made slopes on the floor and a sufficient shower size should sufficiently stop water from spilling into the bathroom while showering. When choosing a screen glass, it is worth paying attention to whether it has been covered with a modern hydrophobic coating. This will make it much easier to keep the glass clean.


Another almost obligatory element of a modern, luxurious bathroom is heating. In order not to spoil the minimalist decor with radiators protruding from the wall you must have electric underfloor heating. Thin heating mats can be hidden in a layer of glue under the tiles. They are faster and much more effective than a traditional radiator. The only element that reveals this type of heating in the bathroom will be a small, elegant temperature controller on the wall.


When choosing shower and basin mixer taps, it is also worth investing in technology. Taps with precise temperature control have been on the market for years now. They are well tested and simply very convenient. If you can choose such taps in a flush wall mounted version, the better. They will fit perfectly into modern minimalism.


The anti-fog heated mirror is an underrated gadget of bathroom equipment. By using a heating mat glued to the mirror or a ready-made fog free mirror, you will completely forget about such problem after a hot bath.


A wall hung toilet is now a standard. This solution looks much neater and will fit better with a modern interior than a traditional toilet. However, here too, technology has moved forward. Heated toilet seats with additional options are becoming more and more popular. With a heated floor and a mirror, it would be a pain to sit on a cold toilet seat. They are significantly more expensive from standard seats, but in addition to heating, they can also offer a bidet function with position, temperature and jet strength adjustment using buttons, and even an enema function...

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