It's time for the next part of the traps that you can fall into when designing and building your dream modern walk-in shower. We are aware that each situation is different, but this short list can help you recognize difficulties and make the right decisions early.

This point may seem trivial, but it's worth paying some attention to it. In the case of very small bathrooms there is no other choice but to build a modest shower. However, the mistake you can make is limit yourself with a shower size when there IS enough space. One must remember that a home bathroom does not have to be spacious, because it is used only for short, specific activities. It is better to devote some space for the convenience of using its equipment than spaciousness between them or in the middle of the bathroom. A comfortable shower bath without hitting the walls with your elbows is worth it. However, it is not worth exaggerating the other way around. With a lot of space available, we may want to fill the space with a spacious, open shower. However, for a comfortable bath in a very large shower you will need efficient heating, preferably underfloor heating working all the time. Without it, you will feel the unpleasant coolness of the room and floor. So a little bit smaller closed shower will work better in this case.

Unfortunately, not every type of tiles that we like will be suitable for use in the shower. Good tiles must have, for example, the right class of water absorption and adhesion. It is not difficult to guess that the best choice will be anti-slip tiles with low water absorption. Although the tile size is optional, it is worth remembering that the less joints the less water will seep under the tiles.

That is the main cause of mold formation, which not only reduces aesthetics, but also poses a health risk. This is a point that should be taken seriously. The molded ceiling a few months after the renovation is a serious slip-up. If you do not have a window in the bathroom, take care of the right extractor located as close to the shower as possible.

Installation of a linear drain or a shower tray is not difficult, but it certainly requires precision and compliance with the manufacturer's recommendations. Mistakes such as inaccurate grouting and poor silicone job, improper slopes, poor leveling of the drain, leaking connections or poor insulation may result in serious issues in the future. Every detail should be taken care of.
Looking at the length of the list of potential problems, building a wet-room shower may seem difficult, but it's just an illusion. Remember these few points when designing shower area and sure enough everything will go smoothly and your shower will last for many years.

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