An absolutely mandatory stage when installing a wet-room shower is to create an appropriate insulation under ceramic tiles or any other finish you choose. There are currently essentially two main systems that are available on the market. The first one is the use of a liquid foil, and the other is based on special sealing mats. Which system should you choose?

It is a product known for many years now. Thanks to that it has relatively low price and high availability. However, when choosing a tanking liquid, do not choose the cheapest products. They are much more diluted than professional products, which means that they dry longer and leave less durable coating. It is then necessary to use many layers, which eventually increases the cost.

The foil is very easy to use because it takes just a brush or roller to apply it and everyone will handle it. However, it is very important to prepare the substrate, i.e. to remove loose substrate material, and then to properly prime the painted surface.

Unfortunately, solution will bridge only small cracks, therefore it is suitable mostly for even, new, concrete floors and walls or for gypsum boards. Application to old prone to cracking substrate brings a risk. Although thanks to the liquid form it is very easy to fill all nooks and crannies. Despite that it is worth using tapes, corners and cuffs from the sealing mat on all joints. Such a ready system is available in our store under the name "Waterproofing Kit".

It is a more modern solution increasingly used by installers. Despite the higher price and slightly worse availability, such a sealing system has a number of advantages that have a decisive impact on the effectiveness of the insulation.

Installation of mats may require a bit more skill than with liquid foil, but you can very quickly cover large surfaces with it, which will significantly speed up the work. However, by far the biggest advantage of waterproofing mats is their strength and bridging capability even with large cracks. The material from which it is made is also very resistant to aging, salts, acids and alkaloids. Thanks to the mat, it is easy to obtain the same thickness of insulation over the whole surface without the possibility of skipping or inaccurate cover of any area as it can happen with liquid foil.

A slight disadvantage may be the need to use a special adhesive when sealing wooden or wood-based substrates.

As in many other cases, the choice of the right solution depends on specific case and the budget available.

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