6 Advantages Of No - Touch Automatic Sensor Taps

No-touch automatic taps are most often installed in public places. We usually use them in restaurants, shopping centers, medical centers or offices. Recently, they have also gained popularity in home bathrooms.

In addition to basin taps, manufacturers offer a wide range of hands-free taps for shower and kitchen. If you have wondered why non-contact products are becoming more and more popular, below you will find the main reasons why we choose them.

1. Hygiene
For many people, limiting contact with the tap holder is vitally important. The highest level of sterility is ensured by no-touch automatic models. It is thanks to them that the risk of transferring bacteria and germs is kept to a minimum. This is particularly important for people who are most sensitive to the presence of microorganisms, i.e. children or the elderly.

2. Water saving
This feature is of great ecological importance, which will also be felt on the bills. Their use allows to reduce water flow by up to 50% compared to traditional washbasin faucets. The exact parameters of water flow as well as its duration can be set by the remote control. Lower water consumption is also living in harmony with nature.

3. Security
Sensor taps reduce the risk of scalding by hot water. The water temperature can be easily set depending on the model, using the lever on the side of the battery, or when buying, choose a battery with a thermostat. They are able to hand water at the designated temperature, even at high differential pressure.

4. Convenience of use
Convenience in use will bring a lot of joy to each of the household members. Automatic taps are ideal for children. From now on turning on the tap will not make them difficult to use, and we do not have to worry about the un-twisted tap.

5. Aesthetics and appearance
Hands-free sensor taps are relatively new products, and their design is modern. They have different shapes, from streamlined with delicate edges to geometric, finished with sharply angled edges. Their surface is polished and shiny.

When buying, remember the order of choice: first the sink, then adjust the tap to it. Never the other way round. We will avoid disappointment if the tap spout is too long and the water does not fall into the sink. If the tap spout is too short, it may turn out that washing your hands will be very awkward.

6. Cleanliness
Since we have a touchless tap, the only contact with it can have splashing water. We minimise touching the tap every time to unscrew and turn off the water, and you will not see fingerprints on the shiny surface. This will allow the tap to be kept clean for a longer period of time.

Due to the above advantages, it is worth considering no-touch automatic sensor sanitary products. The use of new automatic taps for wet rooms, kitchen and basins will make your life much more easier.

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