Keep Your Bathroom And Wet Room Clean Without Detergents

A clean bathroom is everyone’s goal. However, very often it happens that, despite our willingness, we are unable to maintain the level of cleanliness that we would like. For this reason, many people choose to buy expensive chemicals, which, as advertisements tell us, will make our bathroom will shine. But is this really a good solution?

Watch out for detergents

Many people think that keeping the bathroom (a bath, wet room, toilet, washbasin etc.) clean is a big challenge. For this reason, we decide to buy increasingly strong chemicals to rid our bathroom of all dirt and bacteria. However, we should not forget that such substances are very powerful. If we use them in rooms that are not ventilated, we may, for example, irritate the respiratory system or skin, so when cleaning the bathroom or the kitchen, make sure you have proper ventilation and use gloves to protect the palms of your hand. We must not forget that skin irritations can also occur, for example, during bathing. For this reason, it is a good idea to opt out of chemical solutions and choose natural products instead.

Natural alternatives for your wet room

To clean our bathroom well, we should first of all buy vinegar and lemons as well as baking soda. Not many people realize this, but it is thanks to these three natural products that we can quickly get rid of many pollutants. One of the most challenging pollutants in any bathroom is hard water residue, which is formed on the faucet and pipes by hard water. We can deal with this quite easily with lemon. This acidic fruit will also help us quickly get rid of rust stains. After removing the stains, rinse well with water. The effect will be visible immediately.

Vinegar and baking soda, a match made in heaven

Baking soda and white vinegar will also be useful for cleaning. These products will work great when cleaning the bathtub or shower tray. Anyone who has cleaned a bathroom has had a problem with dark sediment which is made of soap and dirt and is most often located on side walls. It can be removed very quickly with baking soda, which we sprinkle on the stains. The next step is to mix the soda with vinegar. When these two products come into contact with each other, they will start to foam. Only then can we remove the unsightly residue with a sponge. This is not difficult and means you can quickly clean your bathtub as well as the rest of the bathroom, detergent-free. It is worth remembering that maintaining a clean bathroom without the use of detergents is possible. We should use chemicals within reason because they are very harmful not only to the environment, but also to our health, and that’s why we should consider using natural remedies. Vinegar and lemon as well as baking soda do not cost much, and can really make our bathroom shine.

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