Is The Linear Drain Easy To Clean

Currently, the shower can be found in most homes. Another issue is the type of shower we decide on. Once the most popular were showers with shower trays, the so-called shower cabins. Some of us, having a bath, created a shower from it by adding a curtain that protects the bathroom from splashing water during bathing. Today we have better, more practical and aesthetic solutions for a shower room. We want to convince you to use it, because its main advantage is the ease of keeping it clean without much effort.

When visiting bathroom showrooms, we will definitely pay attention to the striking modern arrangements of shower rooms, in which only the channel and the profiled slopes towards the drain are visible. The place for bathing is consistent with the whole room, and this is lacking in the case of shower cabins. Showers are designed flush with the floor, no threshold, edges and clumsy doors. A shower screen is used to protect the bathroom against splashing water on the rest of it. Visually, this solution looks very good. The features of modern design are minimalism and the impression of spaciousness.

The new arrangements of wet rooms delight not only with their appearance. They are also characterised by comfort of use and simplicity. The most commonly used finishing material for the bathroom are tiles. Covering the walls and floor of the shower room with tiles will significantly help us maintain cleanliness. The advantage of tiles is quick and trouble-free cleaning. During cleaning, we no longer deal with crevices, alcoves and other hard-to-reach places.

Shower drains are made of stainless steel, which protects against water and permanent dirt. The manufacturer offers several versions of the surface finish: polished, matt and brushed. The most practical is the brushed finish, because if the drain surface is scratched during use, the damage is practically imperceptible. Individual elements of equipment for each drain can be easily removed and cleaned. The drain trap is equipped with an Easy Clean system. It is a layer that protects the surface against the adhesion of microorganisms and the deposition of scale and dirt.

Is the linear drain easy to clean?

The use of the linear drain in your wet room is the best way to keep clean for a long time with little cleanup work.

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