The industrial style is a constantly growing trend when designing a bathroom. Its raw and robust appearance seems to be timeless and exceptionally easy to achieve. Below are examples of solutions that will make your ideal industrial bathroom


The leitmotif of the described style is it's rigidness and simplicity. That's why architectural concrete, brick, stainless steel and, of course, wood are all going to work very well. All these materials look best in their raw condition (at least at the beginning), but we must remember the specific conditions of the bathroom and properly protect everything from moisture, especially in wet room area. Fortunately, the selection of impregnating chemicals is now so large that we can protect exposed surfaces without changing their appearance to much, saving some of the desired rawness. You can read about the proper use of wood in the bathroom HERE, and about architectural concrete HERE. Both wood and concrete do not have to be perfectly even and smooth. The industrial character will be emphasized by small cavities or artificial industrial prints.


Currently, manufacturers, in order to meet the clients' needs, produce furniture purposely aged matching the industrial style. However, the choice is limited, and we often have to pay dearly for products from designers. Meanwhile, with a bit of inventiveness, manual skills and inspiration from the Internet, we can create something unique and ideally suited to our needs. As a stand for a washbasin or for towels, an old metal worker's cabinet will be a great choice. Old sewing machine legs are often used in industrial designs to. Just fix a wooden counter to them and voila, countertop washbasin ready. An old chest of drawers or even a self-made construction of wooden pallets, or simply an old metal barrel will be great. Materials for our furniture can often be bought cheaply at online auctions or garage sales.


An extremely important step when designing any room is to ensure proper lighting. Looking at the example of realizations of bathrooms in the industrial style, very often it is the lamps and shades that attract our attention first. We can use large glass industrial lampshades that were once used in factories, bare light bulbs hanging freely on a cable or rope or even decorative jars. The lighting color is also important. Perfectly white LED lighting will not be the best choice if you are guided by style and appearance. Normal bulbs giving slightly yellow light, halogens, as well as filament lamps will work best. If you need a lot of light, you can divide your lighting into decorative and usable ones.


"The devil's in the details" is especially true when designing rooms. With the help of small touches, we are able to overcome the color monotony of the decor or give it a unique character. Industrial bathrooms designs often use exposed copper water or heating installations. The copper color fits this style perfectly. We can also build a towel rail or a mirror frame from copper pipes. Also, galvanized water pipes painted black can be used for various types of handles or shelves. Combine them with wood, and you get solid and aesthetic solution.

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