Bathroom equipment designers are outdoing each other in creating newer and more interesting designs of taps, shower cubicles and washbasins. With some of these projects, a key element is not only the appearance, but also the ease of use, functionality and application of new technologies. Additionally people nowadays have greater knowledge about bacteria and germs and that's why a very important element in the design of bathroom solutions is creating as much as possible maintenance-free bathroom equipment. Here are some more examples of amenities that can not be missing in any today's modern bathroom.


Yet another very interesting use of LED lighting. Thanks to the combination of multi-colored LEDs with a temperature sensor, we can have a tap that matches color of the backlight to the actual water temperature. This solution makes it much easier to set the desired temp. and looks very futuristic. If you want to set it even more precisely there are taps with a built-in thermostat available on the market. Thanks to this, you can pre-select water temperature with an accuracy of several degrees. Now, just add a motion-activated switch to this and we will get a completely touchless faucet, which each time will provide us with illuminated water stream at the perfect temperature. We can go a step further and use a voice switch paired with our intelligent home controller.


It may sounds funny, yet it is a very clever and functional device. This solution is so far associated mainly with the Asian market, but it is also slowly covering western markets. This modern throne offers plenty of facilities. For example, parents of young children will surely like the adjustable seat height function. An option that everyone should appreciate is the heated toilet seat. Similarly to the tap with a temperature control, here we can program the right temperature of the toilet seat. Another great functionality, thanks to which we will all love the intelligent toilet is a self-cleaning mechanism that uses UV light. We can be sure that our toilet bowl is perfectly clean and ready for the next user. Some of the smart toilets offer a gentle internal backlight that will make it much easier to use the toilet at night without having to use main bathroom lights.

Soft close toilet seats are already well known solution. But manufacturers of high-tech toilets went a step further and the toilet seat can be opened or closed using button on the control panel. Or if you like, it can be opened or closed automatically by a motion sensor. There are also a number of buttons for controlling the integrated bidet which offers warm water and a dryer. Add all these awesome features and theoretically we can use the toilet without the use of hands and toilet paper.


This is not about putting a full-size fridge in the bathroom. There are specially cooled bathroom cabinets available. This is a very convenient solution for people who take medications that need to be stored in cool conditions. You will not have to keep drugs next to food anymore, and yet they will always be at hand. Such a cabinet can easily fit into the decor of our bathroom. Of course, drugs are not the only thing that we can fill our handy fridge with. Imagine having a warm bubble bath, watching a film on your waterproof bathroom TV and have a cold beer or other drink available at your fingertips without having to leave bathtub or shower.

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