Functional furniture for the bathroom

Bathroom furniture

Each of us has things for everyday use, for which we must find a place in the bathroom. We need shelves for cosmetics, the amount which we know and we know how much space will need to find. You probably need a storage for various detergents, laundry, towels, etc. Before buying furniture, think if you'll have space to hide all these things.

If the size of the bathroom is large, the placement of furniture is not so difficult to hide everything and do not make a mess. It is easier for us to find furniture for larger rooms, where we do not have to wonder whether the shelf will fit between the shower and the toilet, whether access to the cabinets will be free or whether cleaning the area will be easy. When looking for furniture, regardless of the size of the bathroom, it is worth checking how many spaces have shelves inside or if they are comfortable to use, i.e. they are capacious, high enough, quite deep, have solid hinges and handles that are easy to catch and open. Check if the drawers are strong and they open smoothly.

Cabinets must be resistant to moisture and water, especially under the wash basin. Bathroom furniture usually meet these conditions, but it is necessary to look at whether they are carefully made. The protective layer must adhere well to the edges and at the connection point of the individual elements. We also recommend checking that the furniture is well secured at the back.

The medium-density fibreboard should be impregnated and covered with waterproof varnish, laminate or foil. This treatment protects the furniture against moisture and is easier to keep clean and scratch-resistant.

The furniture made of wood will last us the longest. Exotic wood is the most adapted to the conditions prevailing in the bathroom. Maintenance is the key. Properly made will guarantee long-term life of the furniture. Wood is more expensive than chipboard, but if the furniture is destroyed it can be renewed.

In stores you will find standing and hanging cabinets. See what can fit in them, consider whether their capacity will be sufficient and choose the furniture that best suits the interior.

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