Bathroom Colour - Grey Oasis Of Peace

Bathroom colour - grey oasis of peace

When choosing a leading colour to the bathroom, we fall into a vortex of ideas that sometimes we succeed and the effect is as expected, but more often after the renovation, we wonder what we could have done differently.

When we look for inspiration on the internet, catalogues, stores and find something that has impressed us, we want to introduce it to our home and make our bathroom the same. There are several reasons for not reflecting the vision of our new bathroom, but we will focus on those that require a lot of effort and costs associated with removing them later. We can not always buy the same furniture, devices, or choose the colours of paints and tiles that we found in the catalogue. Another obstacle in the implementation of the plan is the location of the equipment as well as the size of the room. If we are doing renovation, it is rare that we change the place of the toilet, sink or shower. Rather, we replace them with newer devices, but they are still in the same place, because most often we do not have the possibility to change.

We have prepared inspiration that fits many styles, which can be easily changed without unnecessary work and additional costs. We want to inspire you with a grey colour in the bathroom. Grey is a really beautiful colour that can give the interior a very elegant character. It fits classic and minimalist interiors, but also harmonises with ethnic or modern arrangements.

Grey is associated with calmness, tranquility and gentleness. It is an ideal background for all accessories, it perfectly integrates with furniture and sanitary facilities, even if they are in different colours.

We have many shades of grey available. When choosing a colour for walls, we recommend testing several trial versions directly on a small wall space and a comparison that would be closest to us. Lighting in stores is always different than at home, and photos in catalogues can be adjusted, so that the tonality can vary. Remember that the paint after drying a bit deviates from the one at the time of painting.

Walls and furniture

If we used grey walls in the bathroom, let the colours fall in on the furniture, devices and decorations. Too many of the same colours may look insipidly and sad, and this is what we want to avoid. If we find grey beautiful furniture, we should put them on brighter at least two shades of walls to emphasize them. If we do not have such a possibility and the furniture is so lovely that we can not forgot about it, we can paint the walls with a delicate but contrasting colour, such as pale pink or delicate turquoise.

Colourful decorations

Here we can apply some expressive accents, but you must keep moderation. Too many colours and decorations can spoil the climate of the entire interior. With the grey, the colours of blue, yellow, bottled green, pink and navy blue will glisten nicely. If you can not decide what colour of decoration will be the closest to you, then use different colours of towels, pots or candles. Surely one of them will fall into your eye and you will find accessories in such a colour. If you choose one colour and would like to combine it with one more, but you do not know what will match, then use the complementary colour template. Using the circle of colors, we can choose contrasting colours that match each other. Wanting to get a bold and colourful arrangement, we can therefore easily combine yellow with purple.

Bathroom Colour - Grey Oasis Of Peace

Grey tiles

We can easily combine grey tiles with grey walls. For a more interesting effect, we can choose different shades. Glassy, polished tiles reflect the light nicely, but the surface finish of tiles in such a bathroom also depends on the style we want to use. If it seems to you that the connection is too bland, wooden accents will warm the whole interior, use white accessories, white lampshades and sanitary facilities.

In addition to the classic tiles, we have many grey mosaics, ethnic patterns and other tiles with tasteful graphics that will captivate you. If you have a large bathroom surface, use lighting to expose them.

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