Cement Grout - Properties And Application


The cement grout is by far the most popular of all grouting materials. This is determined not only by the price, but also by the good enough properties and wider application possibilities.

They are most often used for grouting small ceramic and stone tiles (but not marble), laid on non-deformable indoor surfaces - mainly on the walls. Due to the composition, they should not be exposed to frequent cleaning agents, because despite the resistance to water, the welds can wash out over time. You can strengthen the technical parameters of the grout by adding a special emulsion to cement joints. Such a treatment will increase its flexibility and resistance to water.

A specific weld width is recommended for each grout. Adapting the product to the width of the weld is an important element because it affects the durability of the material after assembly.

When choosing a mortar for grouting, the type of cladding is also important. Some tiles are less resistant to scratches in the aggregate contained in the grout and prone to discoloration. Therefore, before grouting, it is necessary to test and clean a small fragment of the floor, which will allow to assess the impact of the grout on the tiles. If necessary, the impregnation of the joints of the tiles with the joint should be considered before grouting.


These are ready-made jointing grout called universal joints, as their composition is enriched with polymeric modifiers that increase the flexibility of the joint. They have a wide range of applications. They work great by filling thin and thick slits, combining ceramic and stone tiles, inside and outside the building. They fit well on deformable substrates and on heated floors as well as on plinths, balconies and terraces. Manufacturers offer a wide range of colors of this product.

Grouting is a very important stage of the tiler's work. It requires skill and diligence during application due to the possibility of damage to the previously laid cladding. It is important, however, to choose a good quality cement grout, a reputable manufacturer. We recommend PCI products.

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