Floor leveller PCI USP 32® 25kg View larger

Floor leveller PCI USP 32® 25kg

PCI USP 32 25kg

is a multi-use levelling compound PCI USP 32 is a perfect base to make ideal and solid surface to laid on it any finish material, e.g. tiles, floor panels or vinyl floor. Furthermore it consolidates and decreases adhesive consumption for tiles or other finish materials.

PCI USP 32 can be used to make layers 0.5 to 15mm thick. Compared to competitive products, characterized with very short curing time - just after 3 hours surface can be walked and tiled. Leveller can be used also with underfloor heating.

PCI USP 32 consumption persists approx. 1.6 kg of powder per m² and mm layer thickness, so with one 25kg bag it can cover up to 15 m².

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Material basespecial cement with additives
ComponentsSingle component
Packaging size25 kg PE-lined heavy duty paper bag stock no. 3680/8
Shelf lifemin. 12 months; dry and protected from frost
Consumptionapprox. 1.6 kg of powder per m² and mm layer thickness
Working temperature+5 °C to +30°C
Slake timeapprox. 3 minutes
Working timeapprox. 30 minutes
Walkable afterapprox. 3 hours
Able to bear weight afterapprox. 3 days
Grade of building material to DIN 4102A2
Bulk densityapprox. 1.4 g/cm³
Layer thickness2 - 30 mm; on mastic asphalt screeds of the following strength classes AS-IC 10, AS-IC 15: 2 - 10 mm
Mixing ratio for 25 kg of PCI Periplanapprox. 5.5 - 5.75 litres of water for partial quantities:
Mixing ratio for 1 kg of PCI Periplanapprox. 220 - 230 ml of water
Mixing tools / conveying unitsforced action concrete mixer
Can be covered with ceramic tilesas soon as walkable
can be covered with wall-to-wall carpet, synthetic coverings, floating parquet afterapprox. 3 days at a moisture content when 2 percent CM
Post-treatmentprotect PCI Periplan from too rapid dehydration for approx. 12 hours

Features and benefits:

  • Pumpable by machine, therefore highly efficient.
  • Self levelling, can therefore be applied with little effort.
  • Rapidly curing, can be walked on and tiled after 3 hours (at +23°C and 50% relative humidity).
  • Smooth surface with few pores, can therefore directly be covered.
  • Dust reduced, low development of dust when opening the bag, pouring and mixing the product.
  • Very low emission, GEV-EMICODE EC 1 R.

Fields of application:

  • For indoor use.
  • For dry areas.
  • For levelling and surface repair of rough, irregular concrete floors, cement screeds, calcium sulphate screeds (also heated screeds) and unheated mastic asphalt screeds, ceramic tiles prior to laying top coverings such as ceramic and natural stones, PVC, textile, linoleum, parquet.
  • For layer thickness from 2 - 30 mm; on mastic asphalt screeds 2 - 10 mm.

Preparation of substrate

The substrate must be clean, structurally sound, open-porous, absorbent, free of dust, damp and able to take loads. Prime very absorbent substrates (e.g. sand-lime brick) with PCI Gisogrund, diluted 1 : 1 with water (undiluted for gypsum based substrates), alternatively with undiluted PCI Gisogrund Rapid. Substrates which are very absorbent and insensitive to water can also be intensively pre-wet. Prime non-absorbent substrates (e.g. ceramic tiles) with PCI Gisogrund 303.

Application procedure

  1. Pour water in a clean mixing container and add the required quantity of PCI Pericret while mixing with a suitable paddle (e.g. from Collomix) attached to a high-speed electric drill until a lumpfree, plastic consistency is produced.
  2. Using a finishing trowel, apply a thin scratch coat with PCI Pericret to the clean substrate before applying the mortar to the entire surface.
  3. PCI Pericret can be applied in one layer to a thickness of 50 mm (for break-outs) and 30 mm (for surfaces).
  4. When the mortar has initially set (approx. 30 to 90 minutes depending on layer thickness, substrate and working temperature) PCI Pericret can be rubbed down with a damp felt board or sponge float (Moltopren sponge, porous) or smoothed with a finishing trowel or short double plane if necessary.
  5. The substrate must be prewet and protected against rapid drying in high temperatures, wind and direct sunlight (e.g. repeated sprinkling with water, covering with jute or PE foil).

Please note:

  • Do not use PCI Periplan at substrate temperatures below +5 °C and above +30°C.
  • Moisture rising from the substrate must be prevented by taking suitable measures.
  • Substrate and ambient conditions have an effect on the curing times.
  • Never add water or fresh PCI Periplan to reconstitute a mortar mix which has already begun to set.
  • It is important to adhere to the indicated amount of gauging water when mixing PCI Periplan. Additives are not allowed.
  • Take appropriate measures, e.g. the self-adhesive insulation tape PCI Pecitape Silent, to prevent PCI Periplan from overflowing into perimeter joints and expansion joints.
  • It is not allowed to exceed a maximum layer thickness of 10 mm when levelling mastic asphalt substrates with PCI Periplan. The mastic asphalt must be installed in accordance with the strength classes AS-IC 10, AS-IC 15.
  • The application of PCI Periplan in privately used wet rooms (without floor drain) requires a bonded waterproofing with PCI Lastogum or PCI Seccoral 1K/2K Rapid prior to laying the ceramic.
  • The leaflet „Ceramic tiles and flagstones, natural stones and concrete ashlar on heated flooring structures” issued by Deutsche Baugewerbe (Central Association of the German Building Industry) must be followed when levelling heated screeds with PCI Periplan.
  • Use PCI Periplan Extra to level wooden substrates.
  • We recommend to prime substrates with adhesive residues with PCI Epoxigrund 390 in two layers and sprinkled with silica sand 0.3 - 0.8.
  • Clean tools, machines and mixing equipment with water immediately after use; once cured the product can no longer be removed with water.
  • Suitable tools are available from e.g. Collomix GmbH, Horchstraße 2, 85080 Gaimersheim/Germany, www.collomix.de.
  • Store in dry conditions, no permanent storage over +30°C.
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