Everyone agrees that every functional bathroom will not do without a bathroom mirror. A bathroom mirror is often the central part of this space. A very important issue here
is the accurate and precise lighting of such a mirror, which will have a significant impact on our everyday toilet. This will allow us to use it comfortably and may at the same time completely change the decor of our room.

What do we need to pay attention to when planning our lighting?

light color - in this matter, the best neutral light, the closest to natural, will be the most reliable and will not distort colors. In the bathroom, ladies usually apply their makeup, poorly selected light may affect its application (e.g. choosing too dark foundation or bronzer), for men this lighting is also important (e.g. when shaving).

even illumination of the mirror - lamps should illuminate the mirror in such a way as to create the entire mirror surface, thanks to which the face will be fully illuminated, if the beam of light is too concentrated, it may lead to the formation of shadows, which may result in difficulties in performing precise activities and tired eyesight.

diffused light -
when choosing a lamp, it is best to choose one with an opal glass that will give us a soft, diffused light, which will avoid the risk that the light will blind us.

light intensity and CRI color rendering index -
the recommended light intensity is between 500 and 1000 lux (i.e. the one required for comfortable work at a desk); the CRI determines the credible color scheme the illuminated object will have in relation to daylight, the light with a CRI> 90 is ideal for make-up, the higher the coefficient, the greater the reliability of the colors.

safety first of all -
the entire space by the mirror is usually very vulnerable to flooding, so you should pay special attention to the fact that the lighting chosen
by us is waterproof, with a high IP protection factor (min IP44), which will prevent flooding such a device and its consequent destruction and, secondly, even worse, the possibility of electric shock.

What type of lighting to choose?

bathroom sconces - mounted on both sides of the mirror so that the light is well diffused and our face is well lit. They are one of the most classic choices when it comes
to illuminating a mirror. Very practical, but still effective, they create a kind of symmetry feeling.

a single lamp above the mirror - a very minimalist solution, but recently more and more popular, it will fit perfectly into classic interiors, but also into the Scandinavian
or oriental style, but remember to place it well so that it does not create shadows on the face, maybe be both with a small glass shade and with an oblong shade. In the case
of a pendant lamp, a very important point is to remember that the best choice will be a model equal to or slightly smaller than the width of its glass.

glowing balls - lighting very well known to us from the wardrobes of the biggest stars, giving us a truly cinematic effect. We can buy a ready-made, appropriately styled mirror with such balls attached, or equip ourselves with the previously mentioned sconces of this type.

LED lighting - a very common way to illuminate a mirror is to use an appropriately strong LED strip, which can then be glued directly to the wall or on specially designed aluminum profiles (which additionally dissipate heat and protect against moisture).

lighting built into the mirror - this is a solution that will make the lighting ideal for our needs, as it has been chosen by an expert in this industry, but remember that
it is probably the most expensive solution, and burning one light bulb can often be associated with high costs, moreover, often in such a situation the entire mirror needs
to be replaced. When deciding on such an illuminated mirror, we strongly recommend choosing lighting made in LED technology, which has the longest service life on the market.

How to adjust the lighting to the shape of the mirror?

When choosing lighting, you should also pay special attention to the shape of the mirror itself. For round mirrors, the perfect choice will be an LED strip that will illuminate
the mirror from below or wall lamps hung on both sides of the mirror. Next to a square or rectangular mirror, wall lamps and a pendant lamp will also be perfect.

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