The key to creating bathrooms for seniors is a combination of functionality, comfort and safety so that older people could use them without much trouble. Small, badly planned bathrooms often cause stress that affects the elderly, as well as people in their surroundings which leads to the fact that they can no longer live in such conditions. When we create a bathroom that will be used by seniors in the future, we should pay special attention to the fact these places should be perfectly adapted to do daily activities, which gives a sense of security and independence.


In fact, creating such a bathroom does not have to be associated with high costs, and by applying several rules listed below, even people using a wheelchair or walking frame will be able to easily use the bathroom.



The most important thing that we need to pay attention to while creating such a bathroom is space. The space around the bathroom should be adjusted so that it would be easy to get to on or move around in a wheelchair/walking frame. It is worth avoiding different protruding corners, furniture with rounded edges is best. Such space should also be well-lit, it is worth choosing lighting with a motion detector. The narrow entrance to seniors' bathroom should be widened. The bathroom should not be too small or too big. The bathroom door should not be an obstacle and should be at least 80 cm wide, the space around the toilet should also be at least 90 cm.


We often think that bath will be the best choice for the elderly, because of the possibility of sitting, however, it is also worth remembering that getting in and out of such a bathtub can be quite difficult. In this situation, we definitely recommend a shower (of course preferably zero-threshold, without a classic shower tray). This solution is connected with that a wheelchair or a walking frame can easily be put under such a shower, and the bathroom itself will grow optically. It is also worth remembering to add underfloor heating, which also definitely makes staying in such a bathroom much more pleasant.


Another important aspect is also the non-slip floor, made of such textiles that can minimise the risk of slipping: an anti-slip mat or a special textured floor. What's more, the floor must be non-slip, even when it’s wet. A good idea is to choose special anti-slip tiles and to place the previously mentioned mat near the walk-in shower or bathtub.




What's more, to further adjust such a bathroom, you should think about installing a special built-in seat or equip the bathroom with a portable chair that can be used for bathing. The bathroom should also be equipped with special handles (grab bars) that can be attached to the wall as a support (next to the shower and around the toilet). They will help to stand up and maintain balance.They should be properly attached, it is also worth paying attention to their placement (at what height they are attached and at what distance from each other). The washbasin should be wide enough, it is also a good idea to give up on traditional taps and install a special  lever faucets.

Of course, reading this article you can notice immediately that when creating this type of bathroom functionality is the most important thing, however, this does not mean that at the same time such places can not be stylish and elegant, according to our taste. Nowadays, we can easily find very tasteful, modern furniture which mix aesthetics and functionality.

It is always a good idea to find a company that has experience in creating bathrooms for seniors and consult a doctor or physiotherapist before starting work to make sure that all aspects related to various diseases or disabilities are included.

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