Bathroom doors are an indispensable element of every bathroom, which plays a very important role in it. They are, of course, an element that can give our bathroom a unique character, making our bathroom a kind of unity. They are often the only source of natural light and the main means of ventilation. There are many interesting ways to arrange such doors. It is worth choosing a model that will perfectly fit into our arrangement. The combination of functionality and aesthetics is crucial here, which will provide us with a sense of security and comfort. It is worth remembering that the style of such doors should be consistent with other doors in your homes or apartments.


Wooden doors - a classic choice for most bathrooms, always fashionable, timeless and universal, most often in the form of a veneer imitating wood, they perfectly harmonise with many materials, such as glass, metal, stone. The variety of patterns and finishes will match the decor of any bathroom. Real wood doors will also work, but they must be properly protected against moisture. I must admit that the solid wooden bathroom door guarantees an amazing isolation of this room from the rest of the house.

White doors - a very elegant choice, more and more popular and ideally suited to the prevailing trends, can be combined with many colours, but it is good to smuggle white also into other parts of the bathroom, a good combination will certainly be white furniture forming a coherent whole with the door. Light colours optically enlarge the space, which is why white doors are a good solution for both spacious and small bathrooms. In combination with such doors, simplicity and moderation will perfectly harmonise, so it is worth choosing, for example, the Scandinavian style. An important issue, however, when choosing such doors is their quality, and above all, whether they are made of high-quality materials that will make the door beautiful for years and certainly will not turn yellow with time.

Glass doors - made of tempered glass are a really safe choice, what's more, they optically enlarge our bathroom and give it a modern look. Made of frosted or opal glass, they ensure intimacy, and at the same time let much more light fall into this type of bathroom. Doors with glass are also a good choice (there is a very large selection of such glass on the market: from large panes to tiny gaps - matte or milky), which also illuminates such a room.

Sliding doors - in recent years it has become an increasingly popular solution most often chosen for such bathrooms where we want to save as much space as possible. They will be a very good choice for small apartments and when the bathroom is connected to the bedroom. This type of door can have various forms, e.g. as a partition wall, curtain, panel or screen. The disadvantage of such a solution is the limited possibility of acoustic insulation from other rooms. When a wall-mounted door leaf is slid over the wall, it limits the possibility of developing such a wall. In this case, a door hidden in the wall will be a good solution.

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