Minimalism is currently probably the most frequently chosen style in interior design. More and more often we give up full functionality in favor of a clean, neat appearance. Fortunately, today there are many products that perfectly combine functionality and minimalist design. Choosing the right solutions and following a few rules, makes it very easy to create a bathroom in a minimalist style, even in a small space and with a limited budget.


There are a lot of nicely designed bathtubs available on the market that will fit into a minimalist style. The main obstacle, however, is their price. Good quality free-standing bathtubs can cost a lot, and in addition, due to their dimensions, unfortunately they are not suitable for small and even medium-sized bathrooms. Therefore, a shower will be much better in most cases. However standard full shower cubicle will definitely not fit well into an elegant, minimalist interior. Walk-in shower tray will be the best choice here. It's also better to give up complicated, luminous shower panels with lots of nozzles and a display. Stick to a simple concealed faucet with a rain shower. Fewer elements mean not only a neater and more orderly look, but also fewer nooks and crannies to remove soap and water residues.

When designing a shower, you also need to choose a way to separate it from the rest of the bathroom. You will be faced with a choice between a wall, a curtain and a shower glass. A curtain may be tempting for economic reasons, but when designing a bathroom with an emphasis on appearance, this choice should be rejected. Building an additional wall takes up a lot of space and is laborious. So there is only a glass shower screen left but the ease of installation, variety of sizes and affordable price should confirm that it is the best choice.


The right choice of other bathroom appliances and accessories is extremely important and can often determine the final effect. The main principle that can be followed when choosing individual elements is to "free the floor”. In other words, instead of a classic floor mounted toilet, you should use a wall hung toilet, instead of a freestanding basin, you should use a countertop basin one on a neat wall-mounted cabinet with drawers. When choosing accessories such as wall lamps, hangers, handles, it is worth buying a set in one style and the same color scheme that best contrasts with the chosen main color, i.e. tiles on the walls or the floor colour.

Elements such as pipes and boilers should be hidden or masked if possible. The same applies to body care products, towels and cleaning chemicals. You can hide them, for example, in drawers under the washbasin, and leave only everyday use products in view. With soaps and shampoos use dispensers that will match the appearance of the entire interior.


Together with all the equipment and accessories, it is worth considering the choice of the right paint and tiles colour scheme as not to bury the effect you want to achieve. Black, white and gray are definitely the best, but this does not mean that every elegant, minimalist batrhoom must be kept in one of these three colors. Skilful breaking of the monotony with a highly saturated but subdued color such as navy blue or dark green will allow you to get a really stunning effect too. Wooden accessories such as countertops, cabinets or even tiles imitating wood will also work well. But be sure to choose and place them carefully, so as not to accidentally change your bathroom the style to rustic.

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